The Words of the Repke Family

For God

Margaret Repke
April 2, 2011

In my experience, when you are placed into various experiences, whether good or bad, the memory and how it affects your life is based on your mindset.

Coming into this workshop, I had the desire to build my relationship with God, willing to do whatever it takes, ready to overcome any obstacle to build that relationship. I wanted to know the heart of God, to experience His joys and sorrows that many have lectured about. I don't think I have ever cried this much or this hard as I have in the past 40 days. But I have also experienced so much love from so many people I have truly felt the One Family Under God.

It really doesn't matter if we can speak the same language; we are still able to communicate through body language and love. God's love also comes through nature and fully appreciating every mountain, every leaf and every step up the mountain to receive the great view the Tree of Blessing holds. God is not only in the vastness of the world but also in the detail of every snowflake which falls from the sky, every star in the night sky when burns so brightly, and every gust of wind as if God is reaching out to launch us and envelop us in His embrace.

All that God has been trying to do is love us, but it is because of us that He has known great pain. Because of this, people of God have also known great pain. I want to work hard now at doing whatever I can to bring about God's Providence, let other people know if the Great love we have been missing for so many years. Through this, I hope to ease the pain of God and to fill Him with the love that He had originally intended for us.

Margaret Repke, 22 years old, 2nd Gen, USA, Detroit Church 

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