The Words of the Penalosa Family

A Wonderful Day In São Paulo

Enrico Penalosa
June 6, 2010

Today is a wonderful day in São Paulo. Rev. In Jin Moon conducted the Festival of Ascension and Unity. It has been a wonderful event which I could feel the presence of the love of God and True Parents. It seems to me that God cannot give his blessing without proper conditions of indemnity. It was like a blessing in disguise. God works in a mysterious way. Certain situations have to take place to advance the providence.

Providential restoration has to take place by putting providential individuals to play different roles, that may be the case of Hyun Jin Nim. To tell the truth I really admired Hyun Jin Nim when he came here in Brasilia and spoke in the congress he is strong and bold, but on that day I was disappointed but I am absolutely sure that he will come back for us and my admiration will continue.(My opinion: We just have to give him time to overcome the historical restoration that he is carrying. Rev. In Jin Nim talked about the significance of his name and it is very interesting.) And now past belongs to the past. Brazil is starting a new beginning and everything is in the hands of God. After all I believe in a happy ending.

I hope we can learn something from this situation.

I would like to close my comments and posting about this event.

Thank you very much brothers and sisters. Now, I have to go back to my silence, since I broke it.



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