The Words of the Paul Family

Small Good News from Haiti

Theodule Paul
February 6, 2010

Dear friends of Haiti, So far we have sent over $5,000. To US HQ from our group to help the members in Haiti. Thank you so much for your heart and support. I have attached a letter from the National Leader in Haiti.

Rev. Lamson

Dear Mr. Burton,

Thank you very much for your hard work to accompany us in this crisis, we have effectively received the financial help of 5000 dollars from US HQ. Since that the collapsed building is a real danger for us inside camps we are now paying a company to break the rest of the building down, for that we will need U$ 3000 dollars, the financial help of The US HQ will be enough for that.

We continue to live on the lawn with some members, we are 11 people and we received everyday 30-40 people coming in the center to eat or to find something too bring to their camps.

The collapsed building was our family house where all families lived also our office and our chapel so now we have nothing too continue our missionary work in order to continue the providence of God and True Parents we work now even in crisis, to think for the future, our future, we are creating space now in order to make a temporary house and a temporary chapel for God to stay alive in Haiti and our family.

Actually we have enough money to eat and to support our members with some foods and water every time they come here, in our camps we eat only once a day, we drink some coffee and a bread in the morning and then have lunch at 3 o'clock, we are about 30-40 sometimes we eat, we keep foods and water in the center for any members who come.

We continue to sleep in the streets without tents or blankets but will need to buy some tents because we hear everyday on radio that the raining season will come so everybody must to be in, we do not even think to receive some tents from the official's government or international community because even people living camps established officially by them do not receive yet a tent or blankets or inflatable beds so we think to use our private money to find them.

We continue to support the surrounding refugee camps with water and foods, they are actually 37 families and 124 people waiting help from officials of government or Mayor's office but they lost hope that these people can help them.

The situation of water is worst now because we are obliged now to buy water even to take a bath because we do not have the water of the house, we are always covered with dust since that Port-au-Prince is a refugee camps with mountains of debris and body under.

50% of collapsed building still have thousands of body under, we do not know what will happened in a near future, Only God knows, we already see many signs of sickness, many of us catch cold, have sleep with fever some sister lost their period and then myself got an itch and chickenpox and ..cough. We need now much medicine that we have to buy and to consult a physician.

We have received help also from IRFF-Germany to buy tents and blankets and lamps, battery, oil, gas, some materials for our office that we have lost. We do not have any contacts with people of USAID, and have received nothing from them.

We have enough money now to eat or to survive for how long we do not know exactly, prices are galloping difficult to know how long we will be able to survive with 5000 Dollars and also we are many people who need foods and water and medicine. We thank you all for your hard work to support us in Haiti, We need effectively your help in this moment but more that your material's helps we need your prayers your spiritual's devotion towards us, we have realized that materials are not the most important the proof is we have lost every single thing we have made many years but life is sacred, life and health are the most important gift of God.

From now on money can be sent directly to the bank account of the church in order to rebuild the temple of God and True Parents, even temporarily God and True Parents deserve a place to be alive in this hopeless Haiti, we need to find hope in God.

Forgive me if you can not understand my expression, I am also living with psychological trauma every one of us.

Stay with our gratitude


Theodule Paul 

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