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The Third PWPA Conference in Zambia

Randy Orr
November 1985

The Third Professors World Peace Academy Conference in Zambia convened on June 29 at the Mosi-O-Tunya Intercontinental Hotel in Livingstone, just a few minutes' walk from the world- famous Victoria Falls. Thirteen papers were presented by 15 attending professors: 12 from Zambia, 2 from Zimbabwe and 1 from Soweto, South Africa. The theme of this year's meeting was: "The University and the Challenge of Youth Development!'

Even though those participating represented a dozen different academic fields, the group was quite cohesive and the professors were very enthusiastic about having this opportunity to share their views. In the papers presented African universities were urged to move away from the purely academic, elitist approach to education, to become more community- oriented, and to assist governments in implementing youth development programs in rural areas.

We were quite honored that the district governor sent his deputy governor to read a speech he had prepared for the conference. This was the first time that a ranking government official has spoken at a PWPA function. His speech was quoted in the Daily Mail, one of the two national newspapers.

PWPA activity began in Zambia in 1983 through the dedication of one of our missionaries, Donna Ferrantello, who, through repeated visitations, invited many of the professors at the University of Zambia to attend the first PWPA conference here. The principal of the university, however, learned that the conference was connected to Father and issued a communique to all university personnel not to cooperate with PWPA in any way. One brave professor, Dr. Gatian Lungu, then the assistant dean of graduate studies, defied the directive, and he was the only Zambian professor who actually showed up. Fortunately 11 professors from other African countries were participating that year, so the conference was successful.

In 1984 Dr. Lungu became the president of the PWPA of Zambia, and the organization was formally registered with the Zambian government. Dr. Lungu took over the responsibility of inviting professors to attend that year's conference. The Zambian participation rose dramatically to 12, and 15 other professors from neighboring countries brought the total to 27.

This year, thanks again to Dr. Lungu, 12 Zambian professors attended the conference, and another 12 had to be turned down due to limited funds. Those attending were of high caliber, with nine holding doctorates earned in the United States or England. The professors shared together a broad vision: that institutions of higher learning should not be detached from but should truly serve the needs of the people of the community and the nation.

It is our hope that PWPA activities will develop more and more as a means of communicating our True Father's ideals to Zambian academicians, subsequently to their students and policy makers, and eventually to the entire nation. 

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