The Words of the Okoshi Family

Australian Special Program

Hitomi Okoshi
January 31, 2010

For youth seeking to broaden their perspective and develop their passion for God's Providence and their future.

In 1992, True Parents wrote a special, mysterious calligraphy "The Unified World Begins from Oceania" in Australia. We are now in the Pacific Rim Era, and here in Australia, we are preparing to launch a dynamic program for youth who are interested in becoming more involved in our movement and getting acquainted with their talents through church activities and having unique cultural experiences (and studying English) in Australia, the epicenter of the Pacific Rim. This program is geared to those whose growing faith inspires them to apply what they have learned and experience the beauty of helping others to do the same.

Period: March - December, 2010 (shorter -- 6 months -- course available)

Age: under 30 years old, in good health (who can get the 'Working holiday visa' for Australia or another suitable visa)

Location: Oceania Peace Embassy. We are located in the heart of student life in multi-cultural Sydney

Program: Studying English (for people who don't speak English as their first language), Church Activities (Witnessing, Fundraising). Cultural Experiences and Service work etc..

Contact: Oceania Headquarters, Hitomi Okoshi 

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