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Monthly "Run Hour" Draws Russian Athletes

Katsumi Ohtsuka
March 9, 2011
UPF -- Russia

Yekaterinburg and Ufa, Russia -- Youth Ambassadors for Peace in Yekaterinburg have been promoting the "Run Hour" sports initiative since 2008. Since then the project has spread to more cities in the Urals, and athletes in Ufa, the capital of the Bashkir Republic of the Russian Federation, took the program over.

Two young men, Ralif Galiev and Elvira Garipova, lead the "Run Hour" the first Sunday of every month. A number of activists belonging to NGOs that promote healthy life style join them. Usually 15-25 people participate in the the jogging, communication, games each month. This is a way to discuss ideas and projects in good environment.

According to Evgeny Skvortsov, initiator of the undertaking, this project is necessary to "openly express our stand for a healthy and moral lifestyle." It creates a tradition of active leisure, supports the UN ecological agenda, and promotes good neighborhoods. 

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