The Words of the Ohtsuka Family

Meeting with the UPF-Eurasia Regional Chairman Dr. Ohtsuka, Belarus

Alice Dyrda
February 22, 2010

Thank you very much for coming to this meeting tonight. For me it took one year and six months to come here to this country. Originally I had a plan to come to this country a little bit more quickly or earlier in my mission in this region. But I strongly believe this is the best time for me to come to this country.

One of the reasons why I can say it's the best time is my personal history. I joined this movement in January, 1972. Before joining this movement I had long hair, I was hippie. (Laughter) And my left leg was in the communist party of Japan. Of course in the 1970s it was almost a kind of custom for the students to join the Communist Movement. All the campus in Japan was waved by the trend of the communist movement.

During that period I suddenly got a revelation to join the workshop. Of course I was witnessed very much by my spiritual mother. But one day suddenly I started to receive the revelation. I resisted over and over receiving the revelation but I could not resist it anymore and I participated in the workshop. My two-week workshop started January 8. And the very day I got a third revelation was January 19, 10.20 pm. In that revelation I was directed to join this movement, to accept Rev. Moon as Messiah and to go this way. That's why in that sense the day I joined this movement is January, 19. That's why January 20 is the new start to me.

I was surprised because 38 years have already passed. I was very handsome at that time. (Laughter) I got old. I was single at that time. Now I have my wife and 3 children. I was very small boy. I'm now your leader.

Before joining this movement I had a very strong impulse in myself that I have to go to Russia. That's why when I entered the university I took Russian course for one year. To come to Russia was my dream. When I was a CARP-center leader I had a dream to go to Brazil. All those dreams realized. It's very surprising after joining this movement all my dreams came true. Many brothers and sisters say, "I abandoned this, I sacrificed this, I couldn't do this, I couldn't do that". They all say in this way. But in my case all my dreams came true… except one dream. What is that? What do you think? To create ideal family. (Laughter) Still I have a long way to reach that dream.

Before joining this movement if I could come to Russia probably my wife would have been a Russian. But today I have to say my wife would have been Belarusian. (Laughter) It's possible. I don't know.

I've got 3 children. The first is daughter, first son and second son. My first daughter was blessed with Korean in the USA. And first son was blessed with True Father's granddaughter. Now I've become the first leader among Japanese who became the relative of True Parents. That is very surprising to my life. True Father always says me, "You are my relative. You are my relative". Hearing those words I always have a strong sense of shame and a sense of sorry to True Father and Mother. I'm still very young spiritually and I'm not so good enough for True Parents and their family.

In that sense all my dreams I have had before joining this movement realized.

So I strongly recommend you not to give up your dream. Don't throw up your dream. If your dream is really necessary for God and True Parents, for God's Providence, God will realize it. Understand it? On the process of the life of faith sometimes we have to control our selfish desire, sometimes we have to abandon all our selfish hope but keep your dream in yourself. If that dream is necessary for God and True Parents God will give you a chance to realize it.

My family name Ohtsuka means "great big cemetery". That's a strange name to you, right? (Laughter) Once Father asked me, "Ohtsuka, is your name good or bad?" At that time I never thought my family name is good or bad. So I had no idea. So I instantly answered to Father, "Yes, my name is good". (Laughter) without any special idea. And then Father instantly answered again, "Why? Why your family name is good?" I had no answer at that time. But I tried to answer to True Father, "Yes, Father, my name is good because my name means "great cemetery". (Laughter) Great cemetery or great tomb means kings and queens and emperors and nobles are buried there. That is why my family name is very good". I answered in this way. Do you understand it?

What did Father respond to my answer? Father's answer was very simple, "They all died. That is the end." (Laughter)

Few months later Father asked me the same question again, "Is your name good or bad?" I answered very quickly with pride, "My name is good because it means a great cemetery". Father's answer was again the same. "They all died".

Few months later Father asked me the same question again, "Ohtsuka, is your family name good or bad?" I answered with a big voice, "Father, my family name is good because my family name means a big tomb or big cemetery. This is very good name." (Laughter) And then Father answered to me, "Yes, your family name is good. And your name indicates your mission. Your mission is to give resurrection to emperors, kings and queens. Your mission is to resurrect all dead kings and queens."

To give resurrection doesn't mean to give resurrection to those who already died. Resurrection means spiritually dead person. All the VIP here and there, kings and queens and prime-ministers and all those people seeing from God's view they are all dead. So Father told me whoever you saw or you talk will receive resurrection. Whoever talks with me will receive resurrection. And then after that I came to have a confidence to see any bright VIPs, any high ranking officials, any prime-ministers. I have a confidence by thinking that meeting with me they will resurrect. This is my strong confidence.

If your spiritual eyes are opened truly you can not live in this world. You can not see your friends, you can not see anybody… and more than that you can not see mirror. Do you understand it? You will see your spiritual body and you will be shocked.

On November 25, 1977 my spiritual eyes suddenly opened. And I saw the bottom of the hell. It was very bad and very tough. It was the world of adultery and killing. All men and women were having sexual relations here and there. But having sexual relations nobody enjoys, nobody feels happiness and after finishing sexual relations they start to kill each other. Sexual relations don't mean man and woman, man and man, woman and woman, all this… And after finishing they start to kill each other. Voice, smell… all those I could see clearly.

So I screamed to Heaven at that time, "I don't want to see it anymore so please bring me to a little bit higher hell", and then naturally I was brought up to the level of higher hell. That is the world of loneliness… total loneliness. And under that situation people are accusing themselves. That is a very tough world internally. In the level of that hell I could not enjoy, I could not stand for to stay there. Loneliness and self-condemnation to accuse oneself… these two are very tough in our life. No one talks to each other on that level of the hell. So I screamed to Heaven again, "Father, Mother, help me". I screamed in this way very strongly. This is not my dream. This is reality.

December 21, 1977, 5 pm in Kanazawa-city, Japan. I was not sleeping at that time. So I screamed, "Help me". Soon after I screamed suddenly Heaven started to separate. True Parents on the golden disk came down from Heaven. They were shining very brightly. They were shining in seven colors. Their bodies were transparent and very pure like a crystal. I was very surprised. They were in the Korean traditional costumes, the costume Father and Mother used on the occasion of Blessing. I was very surprised and I couldn't say anything about this. And I was brought up to the golden disk where Father and Mother were standing. And looking at me Father told me, "Ohtsuka, let's go down to hell to help them." Without bringing up to the Heaven I was brought down to the bottom of the hell again with Father and Mother. Do you understand it?

I was not brought up to Heaven. I was asked by Father to go down to the bottom of the hell again to give resurrection to them. That is why True Father and Mother is the Messiah. The definition of the Messiah is the man to save the bottom of the hell. Messiah is not a man standing and waiting for the people to come in Heaven. Messiah is the person who goes to the hell to give resurrection to the people in the hell. Do you think so? Do you agree?

That is why Messiah, True Parents are not in Heaven. They are in the hell. Do you understand it? While staying at Cheon Jeong Gung or staying in Las Vegas or East Garden their heart is always with the people in the hell. The reason why True Father and Mother went to Las Vegas is very simple. It's to save the bottom of the hell. If you really want to see Father and Mother spiritually or with all your heart we have to go where they are. That is why those who seek for True Parents heart, those who really want to feel True Parents' heart naturally go to the hell.

Do you understand it? That means all those who have true faith to God and True Parents naturally feel or experience the bottom of the hell. Among all of you he is the leader, national leader (pointing to the national leader). In that sense he is the most close to Father and Mother and then naturally he has to experience hell. Investing all his energy, sacrificing everything can he go to Heaven or should he go to hell? Heaven or hell? (Asks the national leader) Which would you select? Leading the members if you have a desire to go Heaven you will soon go to hell. Experiencing all this I came to understand Heaven is not some particular place, Heaven is a place where Father and Mother are. Heaven is everywhere. Heaven is a place where Father and Mother are. If we see Father and Mother at the bottom of the hell that bottom of the hell will turn into Heaven. Do you understand it? This is the key point of our life of faith.

Father sent me to Jardim, South America. Jardim and Pantanal are very tough to live. There's too hot. +40. In the midsummer it's more than 40… so hot. I don't like the hot place. I like cold, dark and heavy atmosphere. (Laughter) That's why I really loves Kostya very much. Cold, dark and heavy… I don't like hot, bright and light. In Pantanal there's 45 Centigrade. Sunshine is very strong. Everything is very light. And mosquito is very big. All the ants, snakes… they are all poisoned. Very dangerous. I got a small snake, 5 meters snake in Pantanal. That was the baby snake. Father-snake becomes 20 meters. I experienced a lot. Do you understand it?

And Father said to me, "I throw you into the water of Pantanal for 2 years but you didn't die". Father sent me to Pantanal to kill me. "Oh, Father, you've sent me to Jardim, Pantanal to kill me? Oh, Father, I enjoyed the life of Pantanal very much taking photos and making photo book and so on. So I enjoyed the life at Pantanal. Thank you for sending me to Pantanal the hell. Thank you, Father." I answered in this way. Hearing that Father said, "You are very strange. You are very unique." Do you understand it?

Father is saying to me now, "Are you digging your tomb in Siberia?" (Laughter) Father is trying to kill me again. Sending me to South America, very hot place, he tried to kill me. I survived. He sent me to a very cold place, Siberia. And now Father is asking, "Are you digging your tomb there?" No, I'm just enjoying.

And Japanese members who have never been sent to Russia are very much concerning about my future. Now I'm seeing and speaking to Japanese members sometimes. And I always testify my life in this way. I always testify that the life is happy to me. And they always ask me why. The reason is very simple. Russian and Belarusian women are very beautiful (Laughter) I don't need to turn back to see. Always somebody is coming. Russia is a country of beautiful women. Oh, I'm very happy. The country "No-need-to-turn-back". Japan is another country where we don't need to turn back. Do you know the reason why? Nobody. (Laughter) Of course, this is my joking to the members of Japan. They all laugh very much.

And I had the time to pray to God asking the reason why He created Russian people in that way, I mean that they are beautiful. I said to God, "You are unfair. You created Russian women in that way, beautifully. But You created Japanese in that way" (Laughter). That is unfair. So I prayed in that way. And God gave me the answer. "Ohtsuka, don't worry about it" (Laughter). "Russian women all will become grannies" (Laughter) So life is equal. Life will balance all. This is some of joke story I always make in Japan.

What I want to tell you is very simple. Sending me to South America Father tried to kill me or Father tested me. I passed through that examination successfully. Again Father sent me to this cold country, Siberia. Probably I can survive. Probably I can pass through examination. Don't you think so? I will say again to True Father and Mother, "I enjoy life taking photos one by one. Or I enjoy the presence of God, I experience God in this area." And more than that I want to say to you under the heavy pressure or the difficulties its better not to be negative. You have to be always positive to anything. Under the positive circumstances if you become negative everything turns into negative. But staying in negative circumstances if you take it positively everything will turn into positive way.

Only positive results can be brought by positive thinking. If you have some negative feelings or negative heart in yourself none of the positive result you can make. Don't you think so? Just keep your positive thinking. We have to accept any difficult situation positively. Father always tries to eliminate negative circumstances or situations with all his heart. But once he came to realize he can not escape from negative situation he goes into the heart of negative situation. Father tried to eliminate Danbury prison incident. He tried not to go to Danbury prison. But once he realized that he can not escape from going to Danbury prison he bravely and willingly went into the Danbury prison. That's why whatever negative situation you may have, accept it, and understand it positively.

If you are blessed you will see first negative aspects of your spouse. Anyway always after being blessed we see the negative aspects of our spouse first. And sometimes for brother or sister it's very difficult to find any positive aspect of the spouse. Don't you think so? My personal character is of this kind (drawing spiral line with an arrow sign towards the word "goal" on the board) I always walk in this way (showing the spiral line in the air). If I go shopping I want this or that, walking around… I just try to buy a neck tie but I stay in the shoes shop, in hat shop, in ice-cream shop (Laughter) so it's very difficult to reach the goal. My wife is very simple… just straight (drawing straight line towards the word "goal" on the board). She always goes the straight way saying to me, "Go to that shop". I say to my wife, "No, no, life is always complicated. It's better not to take a straight way. Life is a very long and winding road. Life is always winding". But her answer is very simple, "That's why we should go straight". (Laughter) You can read his character from his face (pointing out the national leader). He never reaches his goal. (Laughter) That is why he needs her and she needs him. If I were blessed with some sister like myself (drawing winding line) we can not reach the goal. It took me a long time to accept her personality. It may be still difficult for her to understand me.

Last year on the occasion of True Children Day I had a unique experience. Father started to speak to Mr. and Mrs. Oyamada, former president of Japanese Unification Church. They were blessed 40 years ago. They have grandsons and granddaughter. And Father started to speak to Mrs. Oyamada, "Do you respect him?" And Mrs. Oyamada answer was, "Yes, a little bit". (Laughter) Father said, "Oyamada is a good person. He deserves to be respected". Can you understand that Mr. and Mrs. Oyamada are over 60 years old? They are nearly 70 years old. They have grandsons and daughter. And then Father is educating them to make them an ideal couple. Can you understand it? 40 years have passed… I felt Father is a Father even to them. Since Father has a deep heart of father to Mr. and Mrs. Oyamada he is very much concerning about their conjugal relationship. When Father gave a matching to them Father said to that couple, "God will put all the conjugal conflicts upon you representing all Japanese people in Japan or representing all the blessed couples", Father said, "God will give husband and wife conflict upon you". How then miserable they are. Father said so. How do you understand this?

So all the blessed couples being blessed after Mr. and Mrs. Oyamada feel very happy because when they have a conjugal conflict just seeing Mr. and Mrs. Oyamada they will be consoled because their conflict is much heavier than theirs. That's why Father took a very deep concern to their conjugal relationship. That is why True Father is always asking Mr. and Mrs. Oyamada, "Are you OK?" asking, "Have you overcome all the difficulties between husband and wife?" They are very representative figures of husband and wife conflicts. I was very surprised. Still Father and Mother are on the way to unite perfectly, he said. I know the reality of True Father and Mother relationship. They are all OK. But Father expressed in that way. I know that Father and Mother are very good, far better than us but Father expressed in that way. Why? Father expressed, "I myself am on the way". Why he said this is very simple to console Mrs. Oyamada's heart. She suffered a lot. Probably, that is why.

So please do understand to accept everything positively. Without understanding everything positively we can not open the new door of future.

The situation of Belarus is not so good but we have to accept it positively. In Japan we have been persecuted for many years. We were receiving many attacks from communists. We have been attacked from many Christians. We are living under heavy pressure now in Japan. Seeing from the different angle this is very positive aspect. Since we have many kinds of bad rumors in Japan if we see somebody they can not understand… I'm a member of the Unification Church because I'm very good, very kind to them. This image gap is so strong, so big in Japan. Using that image gap we witnessed in Japan 3000 last year. So always we have to remember that we have to accept everything positively and then you can open the door to the future. Father's character is very-very positive to any bad situation.

Please understand spiritual value of True Parents. Our international president Hyung Jin Nim, the seventh son, is focusing more on the spiritual value of the True Parents. After publishing the autobiography of True Parents our Parents started to be accepted very well in Korean society. But in that book spiritual value of True Parents is all erased. This book was written by non-church member erasing all the spiritual aspect of True Parents. That is why Hyung Jin Nim is asking us to understand Father's and Mother's spiritual value more. True Father was introduced just as peacemaker. It is not good. We have to see Father and Mother very spiritually.

The third point I want to say to you this tonight is to understand Fatherly and Motherly heart, parental heart. True Parents' heart is everywhere. If you really want to feel it you can feel it anywhere. But please do remember Father's and Mother's heart is always with the members who are in the hell. True Parents' heart always goes to hell first. Much more than the American members their heart goes to the members in the communist world. Read Cheon Seong Gyeong carefully you will soon understand that Father spoke over and over his heart goes to the members in communist world.

So Father and Mother are feeling you as True Father's true sons and daughters. They are feeling close to you. But anyway Father's and Mother's heart is always with you. Just you don't feel it. If you really want to feel True Parents' heart you are in the best place of the world. Whenever I was staying in Pantanal I talked with Father and Mother many times spiritually. While I was sleeping I encountered True Father and I had long talks with Father. You may not be able to understand but feeling Father's presence in Pantanal I had a long talk with him spiritually. I went to bed and I started to sleep I talked with Father all night long. And in the morning I found myself sitting on the bed. I absolutely lay down on the bed but I found myself sitting on the bed talking with somebody. I truly realized Father's heart is always in the hell. Please, understand it. True Parents' parental heart is everywhere.

Next point I'd like to share with you tonight is this year 2010 is very unique year. This is hundred years anniversary of the Japanese occupation of Korean peninsula. Japanese started to occupy Korean peninsula in 1910. Korean War started 1950. That's why this year is the 60th anniversary of the starting of the Korean War. This year is the 20th anniversary of True Father's visit to Moscow and in Gregorian calendar Father's 90 years birthday. This is very historic year. And Father started to count this year in this way. Open your palm. He started to explain very uniquely. (He started to count from the first finger - one, two, three -- long finger, four, five and six -- the little finger, seven -- fourth finger, eight -- long finger). Three and eight are in the center. The finger in the center divides the fingers into two parts. That is why three and eight are the numbers to divide. What about the DMZ of the Korean peninsula. It's the 38 parallel.

(He started to count again from the point at the wrist under the first finger. This is one, two -- is the top of the first finger, three is the place between the thumb and forefinger, 4 is the top of forefinger, 5 is the place between forefinger and the long finger, 6 is the top of the long finger). Six is the number of Satan. All 3, 8, 6 come to this finger. That is why in Korea there's three-eight-six generation. This young generation roof has been creating lots of problems for Korean society. This three-eight-six generation made Mr. No president of Korea.

Why do we have to start from here, I don't know. Using his palm and fingers Father started to explain something. And he explained that the number of 9 is the number the Satan can invade. Then the number of 9 is 3 stages of the growth period. If you divide each stage into 3 parts totally growth stage is 9. So 9 is the maximum number that Satan can invade. And then going beyond the number 9 there's number 10. Number 10 is the number that Satan cannot invade. Single digit numbers from 1 to 9 are numbers that Satan can take to his side. From number 10 (one and zero, right? subject and object, dual characteristics) numbers which Satan cannot invade start. Saying so number 10 is the number to reset everything, to restart everything, to refresh everything. That's why Father is asking us to reset everything, to restart everything, to refresh ourselves.

It is very surprising that Father is asking us to refresh everything. Did you participate in the Blessing 14.10? Did you all participate? This is the very important condition to refresh ourselves. If there is somebody who didn't participate we have to bring all of them to the February 17 Blessing. Father asked us to abandon the Gregorian calendar and the lunar calendar. He recreated the new calendar according to the lunar calendar. That is why the direction is to celebrate God's day and church holidays from now on according with the lunar calendar. The announcement to renew the calendar is the reset of the human history. This is very striking… very surprising. We have to renew our calendar. That is why we have to celebrate God's day 2010 again according to the lunar calendar. According to the lunar calendar January 1 is February 14. What is that day? (St. Valentine's Day) More than that this is my birthday. (Laughter) I'm a very lucky man. My birthday became God's Day. (Laughter) May be I can have something good in this year 2010.

And True Father becomes fully 90 years old. And in Korean calendar True Father becomes 91 years. He himself personally will overcome according to the lunar calendar number 9. That is why he himself goes to some stage where Satan cannot invade anymore. Taking all this into his consideration he concluded that we will have something good in this year. We have to reset everything this year. What will happen to us, I don't know. But I have a confidence that we can have something good in this year 2010. Do you believe so? If you really believe so and in case that you can refresh yourself, reset everything you will have something good in this year. We have to renew our relationship, husband and wife relationship. We have to renew our vow of marriage again. (Addressing to the national leader's wife) Do you feel him totally a new man, a new husband? (Addressing to the national leader) What about you? She is not an old wife. You are newly matched.

Anyway, the more we can refresh ourselves and our conjugal relationships the more we can see something better. That is why good result or advancement (development) of our movement in this country is all up to us. It's all up to our decision or to the refreshment of our relationship. We have to refresh our relationship: conjugal relationship, relationship with central figure, relationship with brothers and sisters. We have to refresh everything. Do you understand it? This is the key point. I'm very very sorry that I cannot see her internal world whether she can refresh herself or not. I cannot understand it well. It's all up to her.

Do something new to renew your relationship. You'd better do something new to renew your relationship. And then Belarus will develop more. The development of the Movement in this country is all up to our heart, our internal world. Do you understand it? In U.S. everything is all free, we can do everything we want there. But if we cannot refresh ourselves, if we cannot reset everything in the country we cannot develop in the United States. American members have to renew themselves but it is very difficult for them to refresh themselves. That is the very very key point of our Movement at this moment.

Now Kook Jin Nim and Hyung Jin Nim are recreating Korean and Japanese churches. Kook Jin Nim has reorganized all the Korean church. Kook Jin Nim has closed more than 100 churches in Japan and recreated the Japanese church. Now the time has come for the Korea and Japan to reset everything and refresh everything to make new start. This reconfiguration, reorganization of the all our Movement is not an easy task. In Korea and Japan we have so many fields to do. Under the heavy pressure Japan can develop more. Under the heavy pressure Belarus can develop more. Under the heavy pressure you can do more. In case you don't have money, don't worry about it. Money is everywhere. Don't worry about the money. Simply that money is not ours. (Laughter) But I strongly believe where there's will there's the money. Do you understand it?

So please do believe to refresh your everything. That is why national leader has to refresh everything first. He has to refresh himself first and then he has to renew relationship with his wife. (Addressing to national leader's wife) Please, report me regularly. (Laughter) e-mail or sms… If you are totally renewed all the members in this country all the members in this country will be renewed. We have just 3 years to 2013. This is the first year to year 2013. In this sense for Father this year is a new start for next 3 years. Please, share the same feeling with Father and Mother. Sharing the same feeling with Father and Mother let us do our best. We can do more.

And I am very happy to be with you here. I will come to this country from time to time in this year. Summer, spring… Some day I'd like to bring my wife here. She is very weak to coldness. So I couldn't bring her here this time. At the cold days in Tokyo she gets sick a little bit. Those days we have +-0 Centigrade. So I called her, "Now I'm in Moscow and in Moscow it's -22." She was very surprised and told me, "I would die there." She is very weak to the cold but is very strong to the heat. I'm very strong to the cold but I'm very weak to the heat. That is why we should not sleep together in one room. (Laughter) I need a cooler, she needs a heater. So my body is very warm that is why I'm in a sense a heater to her. Whenever we sit together she asked me to sleep together. So she needs me as a heater so I have to return to Japan. I promise you to bring my wife here.

So anyway let's do our best for the year 2010. May God bless you! Thank you very much. 

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