The Words of the Ohashi Family

Family Bonds Are Key to National Renewal

Kanji Ohashi
October 29, 2011
UPF -- Japan

Osaka, Japan -- A UPF Peace Vision Seminar was held on October 29 in Osaka, the largest city in western Japan, on the theme "Family Bonds Are the Key to National Renewal," and about 50 people participated. This seminar was held to inaugurate a grassroots movement for strengthening families, "Building Human Capacity, Family, and Nation," in the Kansai region of west-central Japan as well as a part of the "Marriage and Family Programs" promoted globally by UPF-International.

"The values of the Japanese people have changed dramatically after the Great East Japan Earthquake. People have rediscovered the importance of family bonds over wealth," Mr. Kanji Ohashi, the Secretary General of UPF-Japan's Kansai branch, said in his opening remarks.

He also introduced activities in Hyogo Prefecture that the Assembly of the Prefecture agreed on in order to strengthen family values and support financially. This "Prefectural Movement for Families" is led by more than 600 organizations. "Our upcoming challenge is to activate this movement. We would like to keep up our effort so that other prefectures in the Kansai region will follow Hyogo's footsteps and add family restoration in their policy as well," said Mr. Ohashi.

Then, Mr. Shunsuke Uotani, Vice Secretary General of UPF-Japan, gave a presentation on the importance of family bonds. In introducing some reliable data such as the Vital Statistics reported by the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare, he pointed out the increasing divorce rate, declining marriage rate and birthrate, functional decline of families. He appealed to Ambassadors for Peace to carry out activities to restore the family in Japan. He also introduced the contents of the grassroots movement "Building Human Capacity, Family, and Nation," which is one of the pillars of the activities promoted by Ambassadors of Peace in Japan.

After the presentation, the representatives of the regional Ambassadors for Peace affirmed the "Family Promises" promoted by the movement and joined participants in solidifying their determination to lead this movement. 

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