The Words of the Nishi Family

IFA Sunday Service September 1, 2013 Shibuya HQ

August 31, 2013

This month, we have a surprise guest! Mrs. Tae Eitoku will speak and Yoshiko Nishi will follow with a message, as well!

Speaker: Mrs. Tae Eitoku
Sermon Title: The Course of Mother and our Standpoint Today

Speaker: Mrs. Yoshiko Nishi Lim
Title: Thank God for True Parents!

Mrs. Tae Eitoku earnestly cared for many missionaries throughout the world as an IW for 20 years. We are so amazed and grateful for her years of loving care for so long. She was born in Hiroshima, attended Waseda Law School and responded to Heaven¹s call in 1965 and joined the Unification movement. She engaged in witnessing and eventually was Blessed in 777 couples and now has 4 wonderful sons! Mr. and Mrs Tae Eitoku have served as National Messiah to Greece. So happy that she can speak with us today!

Yoshiko was born in the USA in 1984, the eldest of 4 sisters and a brother, her family came to Japan when she was 8. She attended the Sun Hwa Arts School in Korea for her Jr. and Sr. High School. She then attended STF in America, received True Parents' matching in 2005 to a wonderful Korean brother and now they have 2 boys! (Congratulations, on your new baby!)

Yoshiko has attended Sun Moon University and has been 'Jane' the receptionist at Cheong Shim Hospital, putting to use her trilingual skill and love to care for people. Recently, her growing family has moved near Seoraksan to support Appa, who is serving as an officer in the Korean military.

Yoshiko and 2 boys are home, to Japan, for 3 weeks and she has agreed to share with us this Sunday! Yoshiko grew up in our IFA community -- we welcome her home!

We are happy to hear from both of these precious sisters! Thank you for your heart and efforts!

Hope you can all come!

IFA Committee 

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