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IFA Monthly Sunday Service Shibuya HQ June 3, 2012: 2:00 pm

Kiyoshi Nishi
May 28, 2012

Speaker: Rev. Kiyoshi Nishi

Sermon Title: The Meaning of Indemnity Explained by Jesus

Rev. Nishi responded to Christ's call to attend and support Christ's work in Japan when he was 17 years young.

He became one of the first 12 Japanese missionaries to work in the USA and support Rev. and Mrs. Moon's ministry...

He stayed in the USA for 21 years, during this time he attended Columbia University, UTS, he was an assistant to Mr. Kamiyama and state leader in various states, and is well known as a Divine Principle lecturer.

In the USA, he was matched to his lovely wife, Nancy, in the 2075 Blessing and they now have 5 great children ages 28 to 19.

Rev. Nishi is currently active teaching Bible and works teaching and translating English in Saitama.

His sermon will be in English; Japanese translation will be provided

Child care will be downstairs, as usual.

Hope you can come and bring your friends!

IFA Committee 

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