The Words of the Nishi Family

Pre-God's Day Celebration, 2012!

Nancy Nishi
January 4, 2012


Our New Year, 2012 and pre- God's Day Celebration on Sunday, January 1st, proved to be a nice time for all! About 160 assembled at the Shinjuku Church from 2 to 6:30 pm and celebrated the coming of God's Day(Jan 23). Volunteers sprang into action to set up for our worship service and we started on time at 2:20. Our Chairman, Nick Bikkal, spoke about the use of the Heavenly Calendar, we then introduced our first time comers and then Chiaki Ainsworth gave the Children's Message about God's Day being the Day to thank our Heavenly Father. We then took a great group picture all together...(See picture)

After that, we started our wonderful dinner, with food from many countries. Our thanks to Miwako Streit (organizer) and many other volunteers, who brought forth such delicious food! Thank you everyone! After eating and chatting, we were introduced by Reiko Nishi to a rip roaring game of family yute. Though a bit shy at first, the cheering and chanting crescendo led to a lot of fun! There were prizes for all!

The time for presents for the children, family by family, arrived...(They were so cute) and then we had a big surprise! The 2nd gen had prepared a foot stompin', knee slappin' dance performance for us (See the attached) Such a great way to close our program with smiles, synergy and laughter, together as families and as truly one world family centered on the love of God that True Parents have shown us. May this coming, most significant year be a carry through with this strength in our bond of love and service to each other and really reach out to all of Japan and the world! 

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