The Words of the Nishi Family

Karen Katayama has passed

Nancy Nishi
August 4, 2011

Karen Katayama, of Toyama Prefecture (2075 couple) from the USA, passed into the spirit world Wednesday. She had been diagnosed a few months before with a rare blood cancer. Her body didn't accept the Chemo so they gave it to her orally. I thought she was feeling better, tired but... I called her in the hospital about twice a week just to chat. Tonight I called and Myung Mi, her daughter, answered. Myung Mi (19) has been taking care of the family with her father and working while Karen was 3 months in the hospital. I spoke with her gentle husband and love of her life...he is amazed, in control, but shock... They have 4 kids, 19 to 9 yo left to all of our care.

Karen was always such a hard worker and completely honest. For every situation, she would always see 6 or 20 viewpoints to consider striving for the most loving one. Always wanting for the best for everyone...I, too, am kinda numb right now...never thought she would pass. I go to Toyama tomorrow night and Myung mi will come here later on as we keep her in our hearts for a blessing partner, Karen's last wish. Her Seunghwa will be on Saturday morning.

I wanted to pass the word of her passing to brothers and sisters she loved through CIG-JIFA.



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