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IFA Sunday Service Bulletin June 5, 2011

Nancy Nishi
June 4, 2011

Hi everyone,

Here is the Bulletin; hope you can make it!

Kindly print off a copy and bring along, if possible.

See you there!


IFA Sunday Service June 5, 2011

1) New Guests if anyone is here for the first time, please introduce yourself.

2) June 3rd was True Day of All Things. A time to honor and love the gift God has given to us of His amazing creation. After service today, please join us for celebratory cake and fellowship.

3) Our True Parents have finished a 10 country speaking tour, starting in Korea, through Europe and finishing in the USA. He proclaimed the culmination of the works of True Parents. It was a new beginning for Europe and just so amazing to see our True Father, at 92, still so strong and impassioned.

4) MCF Family Support Seminars -- contact Chiaki for details

June 7th 10:00~12:00 (Kakio) Seminar I (Japanese)
June 17th 10:00~12:00 (Kakio) Seminar II (Japanese)
June 26th 9:30~ 16:00 (Sendai) Seminar III. IV (Japanese and English)
June 28th 10:00~ 12:00 (Kakio) Seminar III (Japanese)

5) True Father's Autobiography: English available today for ¥820. Japanese is ¥850. If you would like to buy quantity, please see Nancy Nishi.

6) Please give us your IFA membership forms after service.

7) If you need information, or have any concerns that you want to report or discuss with our Japanese Church headquarters staff, they would like to hear from you. English is okay!

8) Today's World magazine for ¥6000 a year, ¥11,000 for 2 years and see our library!

9) Multicultural Family Support Center (MCF) NPO: fill out our application after service today and renew your membership.

10) After Service Fellowship Today: True Day of All Things cake, tea and snacks, time to chat with new and old friends.

11) Next month's IFA Service will be held on July 3rd at Shibuya headquarters at 2:00.

Bring your friends and family! Following our July service, we will have a parents' meeting. 

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