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IFA Sunday Service, June 5, Mr. Toshiaki Sasada

Nancy Nishi
June 3, 2011

Hope you can attend!

IFA Sunday Service, June 5, 2011, 2:00 pm
Shibuya Unification Church headquarters 2nd floor
Speaker: Mr. Toshiaki Sasada
Sermon: Where is my Nineveh?

Mr. Sasada is currently an Advisor for Africa of the Universal Peace Federation(UPF) and he serves as Chairman of the Japan-Uganda Friendship Association, NPO. His family is 1800 blessing and 3 months later, he was with the first missionary group in 1975 to go out and serve Africa. He has assisted Mauritius, Zambia(where his 4 lovely children were born), Zimbabwe, Nigeria and this year the Republic of Congo. He has worked in 20 African countries.

Mr. Sasada is originally from Fukui Prefecture and was introduced to the Unification Church movement through CARP in 1970.

He is often at our IFA services, serving and supporting however he can.

So happy, that now we can have a glimpse into his amazing life of faith and love, I know it will leave an indelible imprint on our lives.

Pray deeply and prepare your hearts!

The young people's program (jr, sr, and older) will meet at the same time.

We will also have Sunday School for children downstairs.

We are so grateful to our 2nd gen volunteers to staff these programs!

True Day of All Things was on June 2nd. We will celebrate with a cake cutting and drinks, snacks and fellowship after service …Please feel free to stay and share! 

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