The Words of the Moody Family

Americans -- Wake Up

Glenda Moody
January 1971
Washington DC Center

America, this is the most critical time in history, to man and God; only a handful of people know and, most of all, understand the mission of America and her purpose to serve Father and the cosmos. America's Unified Family, wake up! You are the only Americans that Father takes into account for the success or failure of America. American Unified Family, you are at the crossroads of history. You are in the position of Abraham, Noah and Moses, all in one. Are you going to have the lack of faith of Moses and become frustrated and frightened of yourself and strike the rock twice and lose all of America's conditions?

Americans, where is your faith? Where is America's foundation of faith? You are America's foundation of faith. No one else will be able to build this foundation except the American Unified Family. This foundation cannot be built on fear or lack of faith in yourselves and in the love that God possesses for you, or on your own lack of love for God.

American Family, where is your faith and love for America? When is this Family going to start fighting Satan, no matter the cost •••to fight, love and live for America and Father's heart. I have seen too many of the Family live just for the Family, and not for the ideal or the heart of the Father. Though you know that something is wrong and you see God dying within your brothers and sisters, you are afraid to move because you fear the lack of Family acceptance, or because your brother or sister may be in a higher position. God does not dwell within positions. God even moves with the newest brother and sister. The American Family has to learn to move even in the time of fear.

That is the time we should move the most, because it shows our Father must be trying to accomplish a tremendous foundation, because Satan is trying to instill fear to stop us from completing that foundation. Americans, when you take up arms to defend America in the time of fear, Father can use this as even greater indemnity. Plus, it shows God that you love and trust in Him so much that you would put your spiritual and physical life on the line. And in turn, Father will be able to bless you and your ancestors. My American Family, I have seen a few reasons why America is behind in her mission. One, I see the American Family does not really believe or have the faith in the ideal world to some. Two, you live too much for Family position and acceptance and not for the heart of the Father.

American Family, we now have to stand against Satan in the most crucial spiritual battle within ourselves, without fear of others and with faith in ourselves. Family, in the past few weeks I have seen faith move a great many of our brothers and sisters. Satan has been accused and has had to leave, just on the foundation of faith within yourselves and the belief in the Father's loving heart. Family, I cannot stress enough that many times Father's plans are not always the accepted way or according to the understanding of the Family. So, Family, this is why you have to learn to love God passionately and unconditionally; so that we can stand against Satan as I said, without fear of the unknown. Satan will create fear that is only from him, because he is fearing accusation from you. When you become one with God in heart and trust God passionately with your whole being, then, my brothers and sisters, how can Satan stand before you and accuse you?

The American Family will have to plunge to their knees in faith, only holding on to the Father's love and even at times having to love and yet being rejected by the Father and the Family. God will put you through this kind of test. God will accuse you for the lack of love and trust in Him. To me, this is where Satan has really stifled and stunted the emotion of the American movement. He has made us worry about ourselves being loved and accepted. That is what we're here for. We are here to love God, even if God does not return His love. To help mankind grow, even if they do not respond to us with love.

We are here to serve God to the end, with the most passionate love we can give mankind from the heart of Father. What makes us different from any other church or movement is the passionate strength of truth and love and power we are capable of creating in ourselves and in turn of creating in another man's spirit. This is the power we have. This is the thing Satan fears, that another spirit will grow closer and greater to God, and one more man will be able to accuse him.

Family, the next thing I have to say can become the most glorified thing for man, but without faith can plunge America and the world into a cosmic battle. Family, the cosmos is moving, as I have said, into a universal level. Father's, our Master's and Miss Kim's blood, sweat and tears are coming into the reality of the ideal world. For the first time, the Father's true heart is being revealed on a universal level. Just think, Family, finally Father's true nature will be known to all men. For the first time since the time of Adam, God will be able to express the ideal of His true nature and will be able to put a footprint in the center of the cosmos as a condition and a reality that God is here to stay, and that Satan will be defeated, even if it takes the destruction of one third of the world because of the lack of faith and passionate love for Father.

Then, in a sense, we are like the arms, legs, mouth, most of all, a full expression of the heart of the Father.

America, we cannot stand blindly and look at ourselves and say, "Why, within the last ten years do we only have a few hundred? Why within ten years have we only given a few thousand dollars to our Leader? Why is America's foundation of faith so weak? Why is America paying the indemnity which she should not be paying? Why does our Leader sigh when he talks of America? Why did Mrs. Kim say that America's prayers are weak? Why has Japan taken two conditions from us, which America should have held and given to Korea?" Family, the reason is because you do not live the Principle. You do not believe the reality of the love and power of God. Because of the chaos around us, you cannot accept that maybe there will be an ideal world. We are worried too much about self-acceptance and not about God accepting us.

At this time, Family, America is at the crossroads of either destruction or success. Within the next two years will come the hardest test for America. Family, are you strong enough to defend America? Are you keeping your eye on God, or are you keeping your eye on a position, or maybe you feel frustrated because of a lack of love and acceptance from the Family. This will not save America. Only a passionate, moving, realistic love can move this country. Americans, I really see the lack of love for our brothers and sisters in our movement. I see a new brother and sister come in and taken through the Principle once or twice, then after that he's expected to know.

How can a child so young in spirit know the passionate reality of God's love unless you yourself have shown it to him? But no, he has to stumble and fall and pay the indemnity that you yourself, should have paid. But because you may be in a low, you hide within the Family. But just think, maybe you are that one 'spark of hope or that one strand of love which might set the condition for God's love and the ideal world to move among the American people. I have seen only a handful of people within this movement raise their children to the standard of standing on their own two feet spiritually. More times than one I have seen a mother or father abandon his child spiritually because he is so caught up in his own depression. And we say we have the truth and absolute love. If these things are going on in our movement, then we had better a second look and regain God's faith and trust and rebuild the foundation of faith for America.

Family, I myself will not stand for this. I will not stand to see ten years of Miss Kim's blood, sweat and tears go because we have not the faith or the passionate, unconditional love for our Father. I will not stand for this even if it means rejection from this Family, because God cannot accept this Family on the foundation in which we are going now. We have to stop and re-examine ourselves and ask, "What does Father want? How much can we sacrifice? Can we go beyond our five percent to reach our Father?"

My beloved brothers and sisters, how do I have the right to say these things--for I am imperfect myself. But because I am imperfect, I realize even more that I have to even stand against you, and then fill you with all the passionate love I have within myself so you can feel the reality of God's love. Because I love you so deeply, because I see the hope that our Father has in you, because I have seen the tears He has cried over you, because I have seen Him stand and defend you before Satan, because I have seen Him tell Satan, "You cannot take the indemnity out on my Family, so take it out on my adopted children"--meaning the Christians. America holds three-fourths of the cosmic condition for the world. And you think, what does that mean? How can I fulfill this condition?

By getting out of yourself, going beyond the Family and reaching into the heart of the Father, and standing within Him and in turn being able to stand with truth within the Family. If every one of us would do this, the power and the faith of the movement in America would expand the ideal of America into a reality. Family, we cannot reach inside this Family to find peace. We cannot reach within the Family to find love or self-satisfaction. We are here to love. We are here to kill everything that is Satanic within us and to stand naked before God so God will be able to say, "My sons and my daughters have bled, sweat and cried because of their wanting to be one in heart with their Father."

I hope from this sermon, Family, that you feel the urgency of God's aching heart. He is calling and begging out to America! This is America's last chance to stand accepted in the restoration of man. Are you willing to go this rejected path, this loving and lonely path? Where does God stand within you America of little faith, what path will we take at the crossroads of man? What will history say about America? This condition is left to you, my American Family. 

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