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A response to Understanding facts concerning Hyun Jin nim

Maarten Meijer
June 12, 2010

Someone forwarded this to me: Understanding facts concerning Hyun Jin nim

Like most other members, I have followed the recent developments because they are so important to us all. At the same time, I have limited my personal involvement in the debate because I simply do not have the time for it, and it is a debate with no end in sight... But when I read your piece of writing, I felt I had to respond to it because I feel it is a rather irresponsible essay.

As a PhD I must say, from an external viewpoint, that your research is very incomplete and superficial. Particularly, in sections 4 -- 8, where you get into technical, financial legal territory, the data are extremely vague. References to "Mr. P" and "Mr. J" etc., people not mentioned by name and clearly not directly interviewed by you can hardly be expected to work convincing. Without producing the actual documents in question, this does not create any clarity, only more confusion. You cite just four articles in footnotes. If this were a term paper, and I would have been your professor, I would have given you an "F"..., I am afraid.

As your brother I must say, from an internal viewpoint, that I find your approach careless and not showing deep heart. Though you presumably defend themes such as unity, harmony and understanding, you do in reality the opposite. And this is much more serious than your document's external shortcomings. In point number 1, in particular, you portray our True Father as a particularly one-sided, even bigoted individual, who is always willing to listen to and believe in the (false) reports from (corrupt) Church leaders but never willing to listen to the (true) reports from his own (good) son.

Even a normal, decent father would not be so narrow-minded. But this is the Messiah, our True Father... Do you and I really attend the same True Parent, Messiah, King of Kings? Or are we part of different churches, I almost wonder. You paint a picture of a weak, misguided, and inept old man who is hoodwinked by evil assistants and who is trapped in a corrupt organization. This is exactly the image Hyun Jin Nim and his associates try to present to our worldwide membership, as evidence that they are justified to "take over" in order to "save Father" from this dysfunctional organization.

But then again, in point number two you state that "It is Father's wish to bring Hyun Jin Nim back to him." Niklaus: If Father's heart is big enough to forgive Hyun Jin Nim, why would it not be big enough to listen to him and objectively hear his side of the story in the first place...? Does that make any sense to you? Think about it for a moment. You are a father yourself... Why would Father "chase his son away" without reason, to then warmly embrace him when he "comes back"? To me, this sounds a little like Christians who say that God planned the Fall so that then he could save his children. We know that God is not that insane or heartless, and neither is our True Father!

You also refer to Father's capacity to forgive Hyo Jin Nim after all he did. This, however, has nothing to do with the (right or wrong) substance of what Hyo Jin Nim did or what Hyun Jin Nim (maybe) is doing. "God loves the sinner, but hates the sin," remember? You state: "Hyun Jin Nim has always followed Father's orders" -- How do you know that? Were you there? So in your view all Father's decisions are based on absolutely nothing other than the lies of some manipulative leaders? Don't you think that the Son of God, through his connection to God would be in a fairly good position to evaluate and judge the moral and spiritual content of the people he is working with, including his own children?

About Global Peace Festival (GPF): Obviously, everyone, especially Father, can recognize the value of the GPF. But that is not the point. The point is: What is its center? People have said, "Money is the root of all evil." We know that it isn't -- it can either be used for noble or evil objectives depending on the purpose on which it is centered. The same is true for GPF. Father has directed the discontinuation of GPF not because of its innate shortcomings but because of its wrong center.

Hyun Jin Nim is not the only one who has initiated (potentially good) projects. So have In Jin Nim, Kook Jin Nim, and Hyung Jin Nim. If our movement is really as full of corrupt leaders as Hyun Jin Nim and his associates suggest, these other True Children should in principle have encountered the same incredible resistance from these evil leaders who would provide all kinds of negative information to True Father because they saw their sphere of influence threatened. Under the leadership of Kook Jin Nim, for example, the Tongil Group was reduced from 50 businesses to 17, in order to make the conglomerate profitable. In the process numerous leaders lost their positions, their jobs, their finances, everything -- plenty of reason, you would think, to start telling nasty things about Kook Jin Nim to True Father. However, somehow the evil leaders only crossed swords with Hyun Jin Nim. Kook Jin Nim, In Jin Nim, and Hyung Jin Nim have a harmonious relationship with True Parents because they submit themselves to True Parents, unlike Hyun Jin Nim.

More than anything what has troubled me about Hyun Jin Nim, especially lately, is his spirit. When I see his speeches I do not feel a spirit of humility, peace, love, and calm deliberation. .. How different is this when I listen to Hyung Jin Nim -- almost 180 degrees the opposite. More even than data, what matters to me is the spiritual sense that I get from the direction these two people are moving in. I believe Hyun Jin Nim is sincere in his own way. But he needs a center, like we all do, and this center is God and True Parents. This is, I believe, why Father apparently has asked him to spend a year on spiritual reflection - a request Hyun Jin Nim has unfortunately ignored.

I think, Niklaus, that you have to be a little bit more careful, thoughtful, and prayerful about what you say in public. If these were just some loose thoughts shared with friends and family around the kitchen table, it would be one thing, but you are putting this out on the Internet as if you are the Completed Testament St. Paul or something. "Think twice, cut once," as the old saying goes.

I wish you well, and blessing to you and your family.

Maarten Meijer
Gapyeong, Korea 

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