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Prayer condition for True Parents

Maarten Meijer
June 7, 2010

Dear brother, dear sister,

You may or may not be aware of the crisis that has gradually been coming to a climax within True Family. This evening, at the Cheong Bok Gung, the new headquarters church in Seoul, under the auspices of the international vice-president of our movement, Dr. Joon Ho Seuk, a briefing was conducted to inform members that the eldest living son of True Parents, Hyun Jin Nim, is seriously positioning himself to take over the reins of leadership our movement. To that end he is apparently even resorting to suing our True Parents, in an attempt to peel away as many assets as he is able to from under the spiritual and legal jurisdiction of our True Parents. All attempts of True Parents to help their son to peacefully reconcile himself to his Parents have been derailed due to his intransigent insistence that not only is he the legitimate heir to the throne, but also that Father's time is expired and it is now his turn to fully take over.

Under these circumstances, the real appointee to succeed our Father, international president Hyung Jin Moon, has initiated some strong spiritual conditions. The objective is of course to support our True Parents, and to, still, pray with love that Hyun Jin Nim can be moved to turn from his errant ways. Hyung Jin Nim initially wanted to do a 40-day fast for this purpose but was dissuaded from doing so by Church elders. Instead, he will do an eight-day fast. Church elders were asked to join in a 40-day prayer condition. Along with the prayer they will do a breakfast fasting condition and a 40 bows (each day) condition. Participation for members is of course voluntary, but Myra and I decided to participate fully. The condition starts from today, June 7.

I am sorry that the information is a little incomplete and the terms of the condition not precisely spelled out. But I feel that under these serious and urgent circumstances, you should at least be offered the opportunity to participate in this condition to overcome this very serious challenge to the integrity of our True Parents work.

Maarten Meijer
Chung Pyung, Korea 

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