The Words of the Makowski Family

Spiritual dictation received from Heung Jin Moon

Don Makowski
April 15, 1987
District leader of Staten Island, New York

My dear New York Church brothers and sisters, my heart is that I want to be close to each and every one of you. Do you want to be close to me, also? This experience of automatic writing can be yours too. There are any number of other ways I can speak to you. I'm not limited. There is perfect freedom and mobility in the spirit world. It's only on earth where I have difficulty. Only you can give me perfect freedom, by believing in me. Then I can come and go freely among you. I'll give you all the answers you're searching for in your missions and in your personal lives. At the risk of repeating myself, I'll say it again: Try me out -- satisfaction guaranteed.

I'm like the coach who wants to train you to be number one. I'll work you hard, but at the same time I won't give you any burdens you can't handle. I won't make you a quarterback if you're only capable of doing a linebacker's job. But, like Rocky's coach, I'll give you the right vitamins and minerals and spiritual proteins.

I Then I'm finished with you, you'll be ready for the spiritual Olympics. But it won't be your fleshly muscles that I will tone; it will be the deep inner recesses of your heart. That's the only place that God, True Parents, and I can live. That's the part of you I'm most interested in.

Are you so stubborn to think that Heavenly Father can't make a new man or woman out of you? At least in your conceptual faith, that is what you want, isn't it? Now go deeper. Close your eyes, and if you can, remember back to that time in your life when you felt the most inner peace, the deepest contentment, the most profound inner joy. What was it that made you feel that way? Even recently you might have felt like this; it doesn't have to be out of the ancient past. Take a moment here, this is important.

Got it? Good! Now if you think about whatever that person, place, or situation might have been that caused you so much happiness, you'll probably find that it was something very simple and natural. Even ordinary. Well, you can think of me that way, too. Don't complicate the issue of my coming to you. It ought to be and is the most simple process in the world. Just call on me in your heart, wait a moment with faith, and soon I will be there. Just like the James Taylor song. No kidding, it's that easy! Now do you know where I'm coming from?

Believe me, I love you all so much. I'm your brother, and I'm just a radio receiver and transmitter of God's love. What I'm most concerned about is your realizing that you can be a transmitter of God's love too. But first you've got to be able to receive it. You've got to feel it as a living reality. Down to the bone you should feel that God loves you, personally! He really wants you to know it, so you can shed the inhibitions and fears that keep Him from fully moving into you. He doesn't want to share the home of your heart with another tenant. So you have to evict the evil tenant who's been dirtying up your heart space. Let him know he's no longer welcome! Serve him notice if you have to, but in any case get him out the door by the end of April. May 1 is the 33rd anniversary of our church. But that day, God wants to be contentedly resting in each of your hearts, giving you new life day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute.

So, there you have it. I've given you your marching orders. It's up to you to carry them out. As the earth experiences its yearly rebirth, I want you to have the same precious experience. There's only one difference: Once spring starts in your heart, the beauty of it will just become more and more intense from now to eternity. The most beautiful flowers will grow there endlessly, and in every color and fragrance you can imagine. So be good soldiers and carry out my orders. Stop carrying guilt. Let it slip away, as the early morning dew hastily disappears when the sun comes up. I will be here to strengthen you and water those flowers.

Just call on me. I'm never very far away. I love you dearly.

Your brother,

Heung Jin Nim 

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