The Words of the Makowski Family

Principle Study with a Minister -- Using the Bible

Nancy Escaleras Makowski
March 1985

Sun Myung Moon and family, September 10, 2011

Last year when Father asked for volunteers to go to the IOWC, I was working with the Education Department staff in New York. I liked this mission very much but I strongly felt that I needed more frontline work. Therefore I volunteered for the IOWC. The six months I spent there were wonderful, because I felt God closer to me due to the desperate heart we had to bring members.

One of our brothers met a Baptist minister and brought him to the lecture on the mission of Jesus. He was so inspired that he wanted to attend a two-day workshop right away. Our commander was worried because we did not have anyone to lecture, so he asked for those who had experience; I raised my hand because I had lectured in Spanish several times. I was shocked when he asked me to give the two-day workshop to the minister. I began to pray desperately because I did not feel confident to do it. That very night I had a dream in which the minister was arguing with Father, and after much discussion the minister finally bent down, bowed to Father and cried, kissing his hand. Father smiled and caressed the minister's hand. This dream gave me great confidence to teach the two days because I understood that the minister was prepared.

I prayed and studied very hard before the lectures. The minister was especially inspired each time I opened the Bible. He knew we were Moonies, but was relieved when he saw us using the Bible. Throughout the lectures he wanted to argue with me about certain points, but I asked him to wait until the end. Then I had to explain things even more. Towards the end of the two days he was moved so deeply that the lecture on Father's life was his breaking point; just as in my dream he started to cry, and decided to go on to a seven-day, then to a 21-day, and recently to a 40- day training.

When he understood about the providence of Christianity he wanted to do a lot with churches, so he took leave of his wife and children and decided to join our traveling team full time. He is presently with the team in Kentucky working with ministers and is very happy to have joined us. His name is Walter Palmore.

I wanted to share this testimony because I have met many brothers and sisters who because of their inexperience are not confident in witnessing, to ministers. But God clearly taught me that it does not matter how much we know or what experience we have. The truth itself is powerful enough to people who are prepared, and according to Father's God's Day message there are 120 ministers prepared for each one of us.

Furthermore, in another dream I had when teaching this minister, Father scolded me strongly, saying: "You do not study enough; you must study, especially the Bible." This was a wonderful revelation for me, because I understood that we can win Christians by using the Bible to teach Principle. When Father began to teach Principle he only used the Bible, and thus he was able to convert many Christians. Since then I have made a goal to study the Bible more.

In Their Names,

Nancy Escaleras 

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