The Words of the Lorentzen Family

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The High Cost of Freed OM - An interview with Ben Lorentzen, Lovin' Life Ministries Band performer (Hero Hernandez - December 2009)

SHUK HARP Workshop 2010 - Tell all the world about you (Victor Lorentzen and Sachie Yoshizumi - April 29, 2010)

European Unificationists Grapple with the Challenge of Winning the Rising Generation (Victor Lorentzen and Knut Holdhus - September 14, 2011 pdf)

London’s Unification Church Rides the Wave of Second-Gen Talent (Victor Lorentzen - October 4, 2011 pdf)

Christmas Tale 2009 -- How I discover that my husband was having an affair with In Jin Moon (Patricia Lorentzen - September 20, 2012)

Open letter about my relationship to In Jin Moon (Ben Lorentzen - October 6, 2012)

Down Is the Only Way Out: An Interview with Ben Lorentzen (Yolande Brener - November 25, 2013 pdf)

In Jin Moon's response to questions about being un-invited to speak at East Garden (Ben Lorentzen - January 26, 2016 pdf)

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