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Towards a Charter for an Inter-religious Council

Marc Laurin
May 3, 2010

Montreal, Canada - On May 3, before francophone representatives of diverse religions, Franco Famularo, Secretary-General of UPF Canada, delivered a presentation concerning the proposal of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon to create an inter-religious council at the United Nations. The proposal was enthusiastically received, and during the ensuing discussion much was said concerning the importance of having a charter or blueprint upon which such a council should be based.

Some of the participants agreed to form a committee to develop a working document that can serve to eventually launch a charter for an Inter-religious Council. They will study various documents and specifically the charter of the "Council of Religious Leaders in Montreal North" (CLRMN). Present at the meeting were two members of the CLRMN, an association of religious leaders that work together toward improving the social environment at the local borough level of Montreal North.

The committee will present the result of its works at the next meeting this coming autumn.

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