The Words of the Kuboki Family

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WACL and APACL Conferences in Bangkok, Thailand (Osami Kuboki - December 8, 1969)

The Victory Over Communism Movement and the serious situation in Japan (Osami Kuboki - December 8, 1969)

List of new directors in Japan (Osami Kuboki - Reorganized February 1, 1970 )

Framing a Strategy for Peace during the Cold War (Osami Kuboki - September 1970 pdf)

Chairman Kuboki of the Japanese IFVC Visits Korean President Park and Korean Speaker Hyo Sang Lee (Osami Kuboki - September 2, 1970)

4th WACL Conference opens in Japan (Osami Kuboki - September 15 -- 20, 1970)

President Kuboki visited at Church Headquarters in Seoul (February 14, 1971)

First Asian Victory over Communism Rally and Seven-Day Fast National Meeting in Japan (Osami Kuboki - May 22, 1971 pdf)

The Brutal Murders by Communist Radicals and the Activities for VOC (Osami Kuboki - April 1972 pdf)

For Freedom and Justice - World Victory-Over-Communism Rally in Tokyo (Osami Kuboki - April 25, 1972 pdf)

First Asian Professors' Friendship Seminar (Osami Kuboki - April 13, 1973 pdf)

The 2nd International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences - Opening Greeting (Osami Kuboki - November 21, 1973 pdf)

Prophecy to Save the Nation (Osami Kuboki - March 1974 pdf)

Japan VOC Rallies (Ryoko Kuboki - November 1, 1984)

Osami Kuboki Inspires New Determination at Students' Festival in Japan (Gaku Makise - June 11, 1988)

Osami Kuboki announces Universal One Television's first telecast (Gaku Makise - October 2, 1989)

Japan's Offering (Osami Kuboki - February 4, 1990)

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