The Words of the Kovic Family

Life In The Unification Church Part 5

James W. Kovic
December 2007

As they entered her room, Jim waited at the threshold thinking that she wouldn't take that long to retrieve what she had forgotten and then they could go back downstairs. Makiko noticed his absence from her side as she looked up.

"Jim san… come."

"Makiko," He said as he looked at his watch. "Please just do what you need to do so that we can get going.

She sensed his impatience and his infatuation with the watch. She then slowly walked up to him without ever taking her eyes off of him. Then she took his right wrist and slid the elastic band of the watch off his wrist.

"What are you doing?"

"Time not important. We need talk. Now hard. I know a way."

"You know a way for us to talk to each other?"

"Yes" He understood her. She then motioned with her hands for him to take a seat on the floor. "Please, Jim san. I know a way."

Makiko was unsure of the fate that was dealt her when she met Jim last night. She knew however, what she felt. She had always known to trust her feelings. They were what was real, the oasis within this third dimensional reality which her father had taught her was an illusion.

She grew up in a Shinto household in Uto, a small village on the island of Kyushu. Her father was the temple priest and he had taught her everything, pruning her in the ways of their faith until the day when she would take over as priestess. He was gravely disappointed with her when she threw all of that away and joined the Unification Church. However, his love for her never diminished just tempered, stretched and tested as a father and daughter are always destined to go through.

One of the disciplines he taught her was The Way Of The Heart. When the hearts of two people connect then there is nothing that will separate them. The great wall of duality is forded leaving one being where there once were two. Everything is shared; no secrets are hidden. All is one.

As Makiko thought about the teachings of her father as she was in the bathroom showering before she dressed and went downstairs to be with Jim again, she wondered if this would work. Could this allow them to be telepathic with each other? Perhaps the language barrier would still exist if only to be superseded by the connection through their love for each other. But she just met him. Did she love him? She didn't know that yet but she knew what she felt when she gazed up at him as they ascended that spiral staircase coming up from the floor of the ballroom. His eyes said it all. All she could do now was to have faith that The Way Of The Heart applies to any two human beings who desire to bridge the gap of separation and be one in the Creator's Eyes.

Makiko knew what the stakes were. She was made aware of her fate with that dream she had a month ago. In that dream Reverend Moon tapped her on the head and she fell down through the floor boards of that strange house and then down a bottomless chasm. It frightened her half to death causing her to wake up covered with sweat. She was also aware that she was going to meet her soul mate when she came to New York. That's why she feared the time with which he spent deliberating the six year difference between their ages.

She had to perform this ceremony of The Way Of The Heart. It was hers to do. If successful it would alter both of their lives. More than that, it would alter history as they knew it.

Jim sat down on the carpet as she went over to her suitcase. She took out a small black cotton sack. She removed three crystals. They seemed ordinary enough as crystals go but the properties they held within them weren't ordinary at all. She arranged them in the shape of an equilateral triangle in front of them on the floor. One was for the mind, one for the emotions and the other was for the body. As they sat there cross-legged on the floor she leaned toward the crystals. She then placed her hands on each crystal making sure to touch the apex of each one with the center of the palm of her hand. That was where the vortex for the hand chakra was. She did it in a different order each time for three consecutive passes. Mind, Body, Emotion. Body Mind Emotion. Lastly, Emotion Body Mind.

"Take hand, Jim san… my hand." She corrected herself trying to be as clear as her limited English allowed her.

They turned toward each other as they held each other's hand.

"Like me… bend head to my head."

At this point he was still humoring her hoping this wouldn't take too long. But there was this unmistakable vibration that he felt when they clasped their hands together. And then when their heads met at the area just above their nose where the third eye chakra is located something extraordinary happened.

They saw the flash of a brilliant white light and then they were suspended in space while they held each other's hands. From Jim's perspective, his attention was drawn to Makiko's chest. Her heart Chakra appeared, a beautiful emerald green mandala growing larger as he came nearer. When he entered the vortex he was drawn inward toward her own physical heart, this most powerful cardiac muscle. Then he was inside her heart, one with her heart. At precisely the same moment this was happening to her too. They were no longer two separate individuals. It was more than the fact that they were soul mates or a betrothed couple waiting for that day when they would be joined together as husband and wife. They were one mind, one body and one heart.

When they opened their eyes their entire conception of reality had changed. Still holding hands and joined at their third eye chakra, they shared their thoughts without the use of their vocal cords.

"Jim? We're communicating."

"Is this telepathy?"

"I think so; we're using the language of the heart."

"Are you serious? Without the need for a translator."

"That's right. Our hearts are one now. So, from now on while we're together, even though we'll feel tempted to speak to each other, all we need to do is to…"

"…heart with each other?"

"I guess that's what you would call it."

"Just think how odd we'll look when we're talking to other people when we do this telepathy thing."

"Well, they'll just assume that we truly understand each other, right?"

"For how long will we be able to do this, Makiko?"

"Indefinitely, I assume. That is, unless we're separated physically for a long period of time. Then we will need to reconnect through this method. Perhaps we can figure out a way to avoid the separation period after the Blessing."

"Why, we can always reinitialize our heart connection when we get back together, right?"

"We should be able to but even the heart connection between two people can degrade over time making the reinitialization cumbersome. Well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it."

"Makiko, this is so wonderful. Thank you so much, honey."

"You called me honey."

"That's all right isn't it?"

"I love hearing…I mean feeling that in my heart."

When they came out of their heart connection not even one minute had passed by yet although it felt like they had spent a half hour with each other. They had experienced an entirely timeless moment.

She handed back to him his watch. When he looked at it he was expecting at least thirty minutes to have elapsed since he came through the door. Scarcely that much time had gone by. Time is non-existent in the realm of the heart.

Well, when there's a Unification Church Blessing only three days away you wish there were more than 24 hours in a day to get everything done. Somehow the news had leaked out to the press which was at this period of time constantly dogging this particular religious organization. And there was actually good reason to. After all, Reverend Sun Myung Moon had been indicted only two years earlier for tax evasion charges. But what you have to understand about Reverend Moon is how he deals with adversity; he thrives on it. He's the kind of person who takes something seemingly negative and turns it into a way to claim it for God's Providence. So when a religious leader does that there's nothing that can stop him because no matter what comes down whether it's trouble that comes from outside or within The Unification Church, you can be sure that Reverend Moon in his masterful cleverness will use it to his advantage.

On a much more intimate level Jim and Makiko were very busy too. For a couple of days following their matching they were much too preoccupied with the tasks they needed to get done in preparation for the big wedding. But finally they found a little time to be with each other while they were waiting in line for the Holy Wine Ceremony.

The Holy Wine Ceremony is two fold. Wine which contains a very small but significant amount of Reverend and Mrs. Moon's own blood from a simple pricking of their finger is distributed in these very quaint little cups that look like shot glasses to all of the newly matched couples. The reason for this is that their blood is that which has been purified and restored from the world dominated by Satan or evil.

They and their children and those who engraft into their lineage physically and symbolically as most members do are part of the pure blood lineage of God's Children united together under True Parents. In addition, and unseen by anyone, is the anointing of thousands of pure white handkerchiefs with drops of this Holy Wine. These handkerchiefs will be distributed to each married couple for it's use in the Three Day Ceremony when each couple at the appointed time consummates their marriage.

The Three Day Ceremony is a very solemn and holy event that takes place between the husband and wife. It is with their own individual handkerchief made wet as they are taking a shower that they, in a very physical way, cleanse their entire body before they come together and make love with each other. It takes place during a three day period to emphasize that this final restoration of themselves as a couple goes through a formation, growth and completion stage toward perfection.

"Makiko, what kind of mission do you do in Japan? He said to her but then remembering the mode of communication that they had recently switched over to.

"You're not speaking from your heart, Jim."

"Sorry, this takes a little getting used to."

"I know. Well, one thing you can remember is that words can no longer express how we feel toward each other. Oh, that was interesting the way that came out."

"You're quite the romantic type, aren't you?"

"Takes one to know one."

She placed his arm inside of his as she closed the distance between them. They caught the eye of a few couples behind them who seemed to disapprove of even this seemingly normal display of intimacy by a young couple. But in the Unification Church, even the holding of hands and close physical contact even as innocent as standing next to each other hip to hip was really frowned upon. But there was not a thing they could do about it.

"So, what kind of work are you doing in the church?"

"I work for a company here in New York City that builds fishing boats. Father commissioned the building of fiberglass sport fishing boats for catching Blue Fin Tuna in Gloucester."

"Oh really? That's so fascinating. Oh but it must be such hard work. You look very strong."

"It's not that hard, really. What do you do, Makiko?"

"I fundraise all throughout Kyushu. Well actually I'm the team mother."


"That's one of the southern islands of Japan. I want you to visit me there sometime, Jim."

Just then the line was beginning to move. They were letting the couples into the Grand Ballroom. The show was about to start.

"You know, one of the really cool things about the way we communicate, Jim, is the fact that we can keep talking to each other even when it is required of us to remain silent."

"Yea, I suppose that we can."

"I want you and I to continue sharing with each other, Jim, our deepest most sacred thoughts all through this ceremony. Do you feel the same way that I do about that?"

"I think this is our spot, Makiko."

"Were you listening to what I was saying?"

"Yes, I think it's important for us to do that. Makiko, you need to stop holding my arm now. The ceremony is about to begin."

"Oh, yes, right, I'm sorry."

The significance and meaning of what they all were about to go through was being explained to them by Reverend Moon through an interpreter. Then, several women were dispatched throughout those gathered there with trays of Holy Wine glasses. It was so silent you could hear a pin drop. Then as protocol would dictate, all of the men took a cup of wine and handed it to their betrothed. Then all of the women took their cup of wine and handed to their fiancé to drink. Then Reverend Moon and his wife stood together, his right hand in her left hand as they extended their hands out, hands flat, fingers closed positioned at an angle above all of the couples. He then began his invocation prayer for the official betrothal of all of the couples gathered there.

"Jim, as he prays let us stay in this secret, sacred space of our hearts."

Neither of them expected this but above and beyond the ceremony going on at that moment was something very profound for the two of them to experience. It was beyond words, the echoing of their two hearts before The Divine Father and Divine Mother, the Creator of The Universe who superseded the physical personages and entities of Reverend and Mrs. Moon.

Their prayer was a song to the Divine Light within them, between them to express the happiness of not only their coming together but the parting of the curtain that separated their souls.

"Oh Parents Of Our Heart. We are now one heart, consumed in your love. Joined are we in this betrothal just as we came into each other's being before. And just as it was then as now you flood our hearts with your tears of joy. This trickling tears of the welling up of the fountain, fountain of eternal love, eternal life forever to quench and satisfy all that we need. Forever to follow us, fill us. Never ceasing, unending love that make the mind pause and question it's foolish preoccupation with power over me, contempt for the heart, seizing control when the need for it was merely an illusion as it always was. You bless us dear cosmic parent, so profound, so vast but simply seated in the nest of our hearts with but the desire and you are there. Oh Earth Mother, Father Sky, Cosmic Parents beyond all we know and intimate just the same. We thank you for all we have received."

It had been at least a minute after Reverend Moon and his wife concluded their prayer. Jim and Makiko were the only ones with their heads bowed. And then they looked up at each other.

"We are free. we are healed." They said in unison.

"Makiko," Jim said excitement. "You're speaking perfect English."

"I am?" She questioned but then hearing English words leaving her lips rather than Japanese. "Oh wow. But what happened. I didn't know that…."

They looked around as the other couples around them were giving them curiously odd looks. Then Makiko toned her voice down to a whisper."

"Was it our prayer to God?"

"I think it was." 

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