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Peter Kong
April 14, 2012

Our Peace Activities

Our families in Wales take their inspiration from Rev Sun Myung Moon, who is a champion of Peace. We emphasize our 'Peace' activities in order to bring a community spirit of unity through enterprising activities. These activities are focused in three main areas: Community, Walks and Sport.

Community Peace Activities

One of our early, successful activities involved bringing unity between our youth and elder members in a leafleting campaign introducing our Founder (Rev Moon: 'A Peace Loving Global Citizen'). During this activity, we visited towns throughout Wales and stayed in campsites at night. Two of our youth members had life changing experiences and have both become active, one, Eliot, joining STF for a year and the other, Shane, taking a leadership role for youth activities in Wales.

Peace Walk Activities

The monthly Peace Walks allow our families and local community to enjoy each other's company in the beautiful environment of the Welsh Countryside. Our walks are usually well attended by our families, local community and visitors. Our participants bring our young children to have an early appreciation of peace that is found in nature and allows our families an engaging activity together. The walks build community spirit and have the potential to bring families closer together. The walking time is being tailored to last about 1 hour with an additional half time break for food and social interaction.

Sports Peace Activities

The purpose of these activities is to build good team and community spirit and to be a bridge to unity through physical activity. The Sports Peace Activities have focused mainly on football and badminton. During practice sessions, we listened to guidance from experienced players within these sports. This allowed our youth and elder members to build a good team spirit together. We have also engaged with a variety youth from different ethnic groups during our team games and have shown that strong unity in a team will be victorious over opposition that has individual players with more speed, stamina and individual skills in the sport. 

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