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Original Divine Principle Workshop in Las Vegas

Katsumi Kambashi
August 6, 2011

Dear families,

Attached is the registration form, official memo regarding the next Original Divine Principle workshop by True Parents in Las Vegas, and one PPT sheet that contains two important concepts Rev. Yu emphasizes during the workshop.

My wife and I participated at the last workshop (July 20 -- 25) together with National Messiahs, national leaders and Unification Church members from the world. For reference, I would like to share my personal reflection and understanding of the workshop.

Katsumi Kambashi

The original title of the workshop was "Education Session Proclaiming the Completion of the Liberated Realm of the Portion of Responsibility in God's Providential History. Later Father officially named this workshop as ___, which is currently translated as the "Original Divine Principle Workshop (ODP)."

Taking into account that Father says in his speech (at the 48th anniversary of the Day of True Parents) that God is "Original Being of the Principle" and True Parents are "Substantial Being of the Principle and also Original Being of the Principle", I think the Korean title of the workshop means "Education on the Original Being and the Substantial Being of the Principle," which is simply "Education on God and True Parents as the Origin of the Principle." Therefore, I think, three days out of five in the workshop are spent covering the Ideal of Creation. To support the idea above, I would like to share the following Father's words I had shared in the past during my Sunday service (Father revealed so many important things including this in Korea before leaving for the US).

The Principle that we have only teaches the contexts centering on Jesus. It is focused on the time Jesus came on earth to restore what Adam had lost through the fall, on how he could not accomplish that purpose, and how he, in the position of spiritual parent, has been expanding the foundation of restoration to the worldwide level until now." (Jun.8, Sunday, former HQ in Korea, 23-262)

"There are people who got involved in activities of the Unification church and left saying, "Oh, I am so tired. I have to go to graduate school. I want to promote myself in society. What is God? It seems He exists but I do not know. There will be no end to this." They left the church without knowing even one third of the contexts of the church. The reason why I said one third is because firstly they do not know about me. Secondly, they do not know about God. All they know is the teaching centering on the First Coming. The Principle teaches the contexts centering on Jesus." (Dec. 22, 1970 Tuesday, Former HQ, Korea)

As we learned in the workshop, the principle as the truth has been revealed historically as follows: Original copy of the Divine Principle (May 10, 1952), Explanation of the Divine Principle (Aug. 15, 1957), Exposition of the Divine Principle (May 1, 1966) and Original Divine Principle started to be educated (Oct. 10, 2008). Exceptionally there has not been any new book published for ODP besides the lecture notes. When you see them, you realize they are the contents of the principle detailed by the ideas of the Unification thought and some of Father's words, which, accordingly, would leave some members confused in thinking the workshop seems based on lectures that explore a deeper level of the Principle.

I would personally describe this workshop as follows: On the base of the principle as the bones, one needs to and can add flesh and run the blood in it by listening to Rev. Yu's lecture, and even feel the heart of this incredible human, who is True Father. Which then will leads us to further understanding regarding who God is. Therefore, I think the fact that Father assigned only Rev. Jeong Ok Yu as the official lecturer of ODP becomes significant: the education largely depends on Rev. Jeong Ok Yu's unrivaled understanding of and personal relationship with True Parents, which are earnestly expressed during the workshop in explaining the principle.

Our path to understanding God and True Parents can not be completed during the workshop, but I would say one can obtain plenty of materials there. (Father said one needs to participate at it at least five times.) Some members have personal encounters with True Parents, which will make such incredible personalities more vivid for them, but unless they do not understand what one can learn in this workshop, I think their understanding of True Parents would tend to be humane.

As far as I am concerned, it was Father's keynote address on True Parents' birthday in 2009 that he officially said for the first time True Parents are Substantial God / God incarnate. Also as you know, Father proceeded to say since 2010 they are the God of Day. Therefore, I believe that Father, prior to his officially revealing such unprecedented concepts, started to timely give us this workshop as an opportunity to comprehend the true identity of True Parents.

Father says in his latest official speech that all our ancestors also must and can attend it through us. The beginning of the speech was originally "at this new assembly," but Father recently changed that part to "at this new assembly of ODP", in which we can imagine how much Father put importance on this education.

I also attached two important concepts that Rev. Yu emphasized in his lecture regarding God and True Parents. I heard several times similar contents from Rev. Yu through Peace TV, who was told by Father to talk of the ODP at Hoon Dok Hae. In Kodiak, Alaska, Father told Rev. Yu to give the lecture in three hours at Hoon Dok Hae. Also Father sent him from Alaska to Nigeria again for one day to give the education to the president there.

For your reference, please be advised when Father talks about absolute sex, he indicates both ontology (God as Original Being of Absolute Sex, True Parents as Substantial Being of Absolute Sex and also the way the Blessed couple is to be) and morality (Absolute sexual morality). This teaching is so important that in the speech Father emphasizes "Absolute Sex education of the ODP". Also Rev. Yu says that by the completion of absolute sex, "proclaiming the completion of the liberated realm of the portion of responsibility in God's providential history" can be achieved.

After the workshop, there was a one-day or two-day sightseeing tour, which was optional. You can visit the Grand Canyon, the Hoover Dam, Sedona, Peace Palace and the Cheon Hwa Gung. I recommend those who participate at the workshop to stretch a little more in time and money to participate at it in order to follow True Parents' providential path there. Also participants can have enough time for each meal when you can meet and talk with the Unification Church members from all over the world, which will surely widen your views and thoughts on your life of faith. Mr. Moon who was recently Blessed with a Japanese sister is responsible for the tour.

This is the workshop directed by True Parents. Accordingly participants receive the certificate under the name and (copied) signatures of True Parents at the closing ceremony. Also, it was remarkable for me that Hyung Jin Nim talked to us in Korean during the workshop (where English was preferable for majority of the participants) because Father told him to speak Korean at any public occasion from now on.

Through the workshop, I keenly sensed that there was a huge gap between True Parents and myself in heart and also in understanding of True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, and it is totally up to each of us to practice what we learned through the workshop True Parents are giving us now.

This workshop will continue to be held in Las Vegas for the Blessed families all over the world. 

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