The Words of the Hoebel Family

Passing of Greggory Hoebel aka Peter T. Wolff

Robert and Sally Sayre
December 28, 2010

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Our brother here in northern New Jersey, a beloved disciple of True Parents, Greggory C. Hoebel, (also known as Peter T. Wolff) passed away on his way to work this morning from an apparent heart attack.

Gregg was born in Japan to Calvin and Ada Hoebel. He has one brother and three sisters.

Gregg joined the Unification Church in New Haven, CT in 1969. He was a missionary to China and Zambia, worked for the World Mission Department and in the kitchen of the New Yorker Hotel, and wrote for the New York Tribune and Washington Times under the name of Brian MacGregor. He invested himself 100% in anything that he did and he lived for the sake of others. Many have stories of the innumerable ways that he supported them behind the scenes, both financially and with prayer in difficult times.

We will miss his presence and his laughter. Gregg is survived by his spouse, Roshan and his children Wudeh and Callie.

Please support their family through your prayer. The details of the Seunghwa Ceremony will be announced. 

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