The Words of the Hausner Family

Hanukah 5737

Josef Hausner
December 1976
East Garden

Reverend Moon, Mrs. Moon, Col. Pak, Mr. and Mrs. Salonen, Mr. and Mrs. David Kim, Mrs. Therese Stewart, Dr. Ang and Mr. Warder Colleagues of the Seminary Family, Ladies and Gentlemen:

It is a great honor to me and a great sublime joy, and I am therefore grateful to you, Father, for having given me the opportunity to light together with you these symbolic candles of Hanukah, in this House of Blessing.

I am calling you Father because you deserve this divinely inspired title, and this I learn from the biblical narrative regarding the life and personality of Abraham our Father, our spiritual Father.

God said to Abraham: "Thy name shall not be Abram anymore. Thy name shall be Abraham, because you are to become the Father of a multitude of Nations, and all will bless their children to be offspring and spiritual descendants of Abraham."

Why did Abraham, who was childless, deserve to be called a "Father of a multitude of Nations"? There is apparently a contradiction here between the statement and the fact. And yet, if we study the sources in depth, we will be able to remove this contradiction.

According to our tradition, Abraham was blessed with all the earthly material benedictions, given to man if he fulfills the Will of God. And so, being affluent, Abraham was fulfilling the main task and mission of his life by searching for people and teaching them the principle of the One God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, the Father of all Men, His children. Abraham brought them first under the "Wings of the Shekhinah" the Presence of the Divine Glory and later into his own house, adopting them as his own children.

But Abraham became not only their spiritual Father. The man who is regarded as having been the embodiment of Justice and Love, did not hesitate to call his children to the struggle when the freedom of human life was at stake and endangered. Abraham mobilized the "318 youngsters disciples born in his house" (educated by him) in order to pursue the invader and to liberate those who were taken into captivity.

Abraham, who was the personification of divine blessings, of faith, the true teacher of the divine principle of One God, was at the same time, and not less important a courageous freedom fighter.

I dare to say that these marks in Abraham's character are unified in your personality and that you therefore deserve to be called Father, and please Reverend Moon, give me the permission to call you Father, to use this title when addressing you. You deserve this title because you are bringing the principles of truth to thousands of children of Our Heavenly Father from among many Nations.

The spirit of Abraham, and Abraham's courage, was later embodied in the generation of the Maccabean fighters for freedom. Hanukah is the Festival of Light, the symbol of Victory of the forces of Light over the forces of evil and darkness. In every generation this struggle must be fought again. It was imposed upon our people 2250 years ago, and it is our common destiny, the destiny of mankind to struggle again. Let us become worthy and courageous today, as the Maccabeans were in their time, the time of their struggle.

The Lighting Of The Candles by Father

Blessed Art Thou, Oh Lord...

We thank You, Oh Lord, Our God, for the miracles and the mighty and saving deeds and the victories you gave to our ancestors, ages ago, at this time of the year.

In the days of Matthatias the son of Jokhanan, the Hasmonean High Priest and his sons, when arrogant and wicked rulers rose against Thy people, trying to make them forget Thy Torah and transgress against Thy Divine Principles, You, Oh, Lord, stood up for them, passed judgment and avenged the wrongs done to them. You delivered the strong and powerful into the hands of the weak and meek, the many into the hands of few, the wicked into the hands of the pious, and the proud into the hands of those who were humble and studied Thy Torah. Thy Name became great and was sanctified in the world, and You brought deliverance to Your people.

We celebrate these days when Your children returned to cleanse, to purify thy Temple. They made the Holy Place pure and brought light into it. They dedicated these eight days of Hanukah to give thanks and praise to Your Great Name.

It is my prayer and hope that the Light emanating from this Blessed House, illuminate the hearts and minds of people everywhere, and that all may see and recognize and become aware of the dangers presented by the forces of evil and darkness of our days. That all may unite in order to overcome again the forces of evil and darkness. Oh Lord, bless our Homeland, and let's pray that America, this blessed land of God, awake before it is too late and act courageously to unite the world against the demon of evil of our days. The Victory will be Ours as in the Days of the Maccabeans. 

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