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My Reflection after In Jin Nim's visit to Brazil

Maria Dolor Barbosa das Graças
June 10, 2010

I was truly happy and felt deep gratitude about the visit of In Jin Nim because she clarified things that needed to be clarified about Hyun Jin Nim. In Hoon Dok Hae in her presence the video was shown of True Parents writing that public proclamation in their own calligraphy, which made clear who is the spiritual head of our movement, and that's Hyung Jin Nim, the one who will lead us and whom we need to follow.

But on the other hand I felt sad, because still people are doubting the authenticity of True Parents' proclamation and continue spreading negativity and accusing.

For sure it was very painful for our True Parents to do such a public proclamation, making clear to all that it's not Hyun Jin Nim that we should follow but it should be Hyung Jin Nim because he is the anointed one, and those who contradict to this are doing heresy.

In Jin Nim explained that Hyun Jin Nim's name means "to march forward, to manifest", but it can be to manifest goodness or badness, and that the True Children are born on earth to really substantialize their given name. This is very providential. So Hyun Jin Nim opposing True Parents means he goes the other way, not heaven's way. If this wasn't clear before, then heaven made it clear now. So why are people still opposing heaven's proclamation?

I think we need to help Hyun Jin Nim to realize substantially the significance of his name, that means to help him to march forward to manifest goodness on earth by uniting with the True Parents of mankind and with Hyung Jin Nim, his younger brother, who is now standing as the elder son providentially. How to help him? By not spreading more lies and by not supporting Hyun Jin Nim's activities so that he can truly go back quickly to the True Parents.

In Jin Nim made it clear that Hyun Jin Nim has not found his true way yet, as she said in her own words, "Let's pray for my elder brother, Hyun Jin Nim, who is still in the process of his 'own road of discovery'."

And we need to help Hyung Jin Nim to substantially realize the significance of his name and Jung Jin Nim's name, which -- combined -- mean: "Everything goes well and marching forward with love." True Children's names have brought so much clarity to my mind and heart. It is amazing to see what True Children are going through and how they have to providentially fulfill a very important and significant role in the realization of God's will on earth

My heart felt so much joy with the experience of the real warmth of love from heaven through In Jin Nim's recent visit to Brazil, but my heart at the same time is afflicted by my brothers and sisters who are continuously believing in Hyun Jin Nim's way of restoring the world.

In Jin Nim bringing the True Parents' words made it very clear to us that One Family Under God can only be achieved through the change of blood lineage through the Messiah, the True Parents of mankind, and that means through the blessing. She said that One Family Under God is not just about proclaiming peace as many organizations all over the world are propagating and doing. Our movement goes beyond that, that's why True Parents are so vital in the realization of Cheon Il Guk on earth.

With all my heart I am writing this.

Maria Dolor Barbosa das Graças
1275 couples, 1989 blessing 

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