The Words of the Flieger Family

A Campaign for Spiritual Renewal in West Germany

Bernd Flieger
March 1986

Recently a new effort has been made in witnessing activities in Germany: an evangelical campaign to spread God's truth through sermons, prayer, and music. Father's release on August 20 was the central theme in our planning; we felt that the victory and resurrection of our Father should be shared in some way with the people of this country. As at Pentecost two thousand years ago, when the disciples of Jesus were inspired by the Holy Spirit, we wanted to move the peoples' hearts so that they can recognize the returned Christ in our time.

The preparations were made by a video team, which traveled through the cities of West Germany for many months and showed videotapes about Father's unjust imprisonment in pedestrian areas and town squares. In this way we could attract many people.

Through one of our sisters, Heung Jin Nim advised us to pray for 21 days in order to prepare the evangelical effort. Jesus and one of the saints also supported us from spirit world. It was a time when we received much inspiration, but we also had to endure many internal struggles in order to pave the way.

Members of the New Hope Band perform on the street.

We then formed a team of 10 people -- six members of the Go World Brass Band, which was called the New Hope Band during the tour, and four members of the video team. We started our tour on August 1, 1985, intending to stay 10 days in each major city. In every city we invited the people to three special evening programs with sermons. The central topics: A New Pentecost, the Return of Christ, and Rebirth through Christ and the Holy Spirit. The band chose songs with deep messages, and together with the sermons, the testimonies, and the prayers, we were able to move the people deeply.

For the members on the team and the brothers and sisters in the various cities it was an exciting experience. Through our music on the street, the speeches, the videos, and the posters we could reach many prepared people and bring them to the center. Spiritually older brothers and sisters shared their testimonies at the evening programs -- for some it was their first opportunity in a long time. Through our common effort Heavenly Father once again gave us the opportunity to experience the joy of seeing people filled with the love and spirit of God.

For a few months I had had contact with a man in one city who had participated in some programs and had observed our street activities. I knew about his long search for God and was happy when I met him at our first evening program in his city. He also came on the second evening. He told me how much he had to struggle internally in order to come a second time. On the third evening, I saw him again, sitting in the front row. I felt this had some spiritual meaning, and I was right. That night one of our members testified concerning what some American ministers feel about Rev. Moon. After hearing that, as well as our sermon on the Holy Spirit and rebirth, this man was so moved that in the end he said, "All my questions are now answered -- I know that Rev. Moon is the Messiah."

Street preaching in the town square.

A return to God

During our campaign a famous German preacher wrote in one of the major newspapers that West Germany has been experiencing a most severe spiritual crisis and that a return to God at this time is absolutely necessary.

A Christian renewal can definitely be felt here in Germany. In the city of Hamburg the renewal is very obvious. In downtown Hamburg where we were working, some Christian groups were offering books in the pedestrian area and witnessing to the passersby. There was a preacher there who spoke about Jesus every day. Such a thing was unimaginable a few years ago in this materialistic city.

One day this preacher saw us speaking on the street, so he took his chair and placed it opposite our brother in order to divert the attention of the people. He started to preach, and many people became interested and stopped to listen to him. In his talk he started to accuse us, but soon afterwards he was stopped EIT some angry pedestrians who didn't like his attitude.

Karl Leonhardtsberger gives a lecture at an evening program in Freiburg.

One day, in the city of Freiburg, Christians from many different denominations began to gather and join hands in a silent vigil for peace, in exactly the same area where we were working. Our brother started his speech as usual. Because those in the Christian group had determined not to speak during their entire vigil, they were "forced" to hear our whole message about the Last Days and the second coming of Christ from beginning to end! We had a few very good friendly talks afterwards.

It is through Father's sacrifice and victory in Danbury that this renewal within Christianity and within our own movement is now possible; we have much hope and confidence that we can share God's ideal and love with the people at this time. 

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