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How To Care For Spiritual Children: Brazilian Tribal Messiah Testimony

Claudinei Germano dos Santos
July 6, 2011

Sun Myung Moon, Hak Ja Han, Kwon Jin Moon and Ye Jin Moon, May 1, 2011

Brother Claudinei Germanni wrote his tribal messiahship testimony and Renatta his spiritual daughter translated it from Portuguese.

In my teens, watching colleagues I observed the small groups that exist.

Most people had their own particular interests, what contributes to the groups kept closed and it doesn't permit others to come and made part of the group.

I didn't want to see anyone alone or sad. And when I saw someone mistreating someone else I felt bad.

Those groups were closed so other people not to join. Some boys didn't want others to join the group that they were part of, and the same happened with the girls. All of it was fruit of selfishness.

We must keep our hearts open so people can come inside. And when they come in, they must have an open heart too. So the heart will never close!

One of my first experiences with a spiritual child was when I was fund raising for the providence in Italy.

During my formula course and knocking on the doors, people treated me in different ways. I always thought about what God wanted from us on this difficult course. Simply provide material help to the Providence?

And what about all people we met? Those who gave a certain condition so we can continue a history that had just begin?

When I found a person with the open heart, I saw the condition to start a new history with that person. It will depend on me to give continuity to that history -- an eternal history. And if I do my part in that history, along the way the person will come to know me.

From this thought God made me meet Assunta (in Italian, it means Ascension to Heaven). Assunta was my first spiritual child in Italy.

Spiritual Children are our true ascension to Heave accompanied by the spouse and physical children.

I was fundraising when I met Assunta for the first time. She opened her home's door, and after finishing my talking about my spiritual work I asked for a glass of water. She gave me a glass of juice and started a conversation at that time. She invited me to have lunch with her family, Giorgio (her husband) and Emanuele (her soon).

From my point of view that was the condition for me continue the history that was beginning. If I do my part, one day they will really know me.

When I was far away from Assunta's town, I always wrote her letters and post cards. And always I got an answer from her. All the times I was at Assunta's town, I went to visit them. And one of these days I started to give her the Divine Principle Lectures. Even though my Italian was poor I gave her the lectures in parts. I could see that all my difficulties with speaking the language helped me to make more effort and the same happened with her. The relationship by heart (cuore) got strong with all the situation and efforts.

When I finished all the Divine Principle lectures, they wanted to know more and more. And then they went to the center in Italy to see the lecture completely one more time. In 1994 they went to the Blessing in Korea. I went back to Brazil, maintaining contacts with them by correspondence. The time passed by and I went to Japan with Satomi in 1995. Having spiritual and physical Children needs a common requirement: Love and Responsibility centered in God. When Assunta and her family were born, I was still young and immature to take care for children by myself. I needed more maturity at that time, though not forget them.

Arriving in Japan I had the need to maintain contact with young people and willingness to show the Divine Principle Conferences. Why? Because if people do not know the Divine Principle, they couldn't know about me. Show the Divine Principle through the conference is the same that show me to people. I do not feel well having a superficial relationship with superficial conversations, and leisure moments only in an external way.

I knew no Brazilian in Japan, Satomi is Japanese and his family too. So, I needed to find a way to reach people. And I had the idea of renting tapes of Brazilian programming to Brazilians who were in Japan. It was the way to meet people in Japan, hoping that one day they might actually know me through the Divine Principle Lectures.

So, every week in the same day, I went to their apartments to rent the tapes of programming for those who wanted. And some of them wanted to talk at that moment. And we spent some time having a conversation, after all they were giving me condition to get to know them better and get closer.

I thought that will not be the Divine Principle lectures that will make them stay. It will be my self and then the lectures. Thinking in this way contributed to me not hurry to show them something so important and fundamental. If it is shown before the right time, everything is lost. I tried to listen a lot those young people.

One day I invited Mary to the lectures. Mary is the first spiritual daughter in Japan. She attended one conference per week. And I tried to talk to her a lot during each conference, in order to those conferences become part of her life, as they were part of mine. Satomi helped me a lot with her patience and love to take care of Mary.

There is no better gift to human being than people. That is why no one wants to lose no one. And when it occurs there is no greater sorrow. I always emphasize this point in the conferences and show that this is the way not to lose people who would be part of our lives.

Together with Mary I gave conference to Luciana in another day of the week. I tried to motivate Mary a lot so together we could help Luciana in that new beginning of our new history with God.

Thinking in others and do something for others is the best way for our growth and strengthening.

I talked individually to Mary and Luciana in order to understand them and motivate them to take care of people whom both have contact but still had no knowledge of the conferences. I took care of Mary and slowly I was showing her the Divine Principle and showing myself for the construction of an eternal relationship with God. And I realized that without Satomi I could not do anything. And with her presence and support God will be with us and Satan would not have power to destroy us.

Mary can only exist in my life because of Satomi. As a man can not give birth to physical child alone, we need the spouse to give birth to spiritual children. And with the born of physical children, the doors will open more.

When the first physical child born, if the father didn't know how to share the mother with the child will prejudice the born and the growth of the child.

The birth and growth of the spiritual children is the same. If the mother or father doesn't know how to share the spiritual son with his spouse, they will prejudice the spiritual child's birth and growth. I could talk a lot to Mary about the importance and value of true love that came from Satomi who fully supported her existence in our life, and how her existence was joy for us.

The birth and growth of the second child will depend on their parents love, and the love and support of the first child. The same happens with physical children as well with the spiritual children. The love that the Father receives from the Mother passes to the first physical child and then to the second one. It is the same with spiritual children. It is created a chain of True Love. True love. The word itself says: LOVE IN TRUTH. You might truly show yourself for whom you love and is loved in filial Love, brotherly love, marital love and parental love. With the birth of Mary and their growth in love, Luciana came and had in her life me, Satomi, Gean Lucca (first physical soon) and Mary (first spiritual daughter).

The altruism made Mary exists, and the same altruism made possible that Luciana could exist in our life with God and destined for eternity. From that on, we had the same purpose for all those whom we come to know: make them part of our life with God through the Divine Principle taught by True Parents.

Only when we think about others and live with the same purpose which is to make people not live in solitude, but with meaning for their lives we will give meaning to our lives. With the motivation in building lives that have a relationship with God and the eyes for eternity the spiritual children came.

In what course we should mirror? In the course of True Parents. But in what level True Parents are? So, we should reflect the level that True Parents were at that time they were at the same level we are now. With the motivation that we should not be in the back of True Parents and simply living with the results of the merits of True Parents I tried to guide the group. We must build our own foundation through their teachings and examples. A while ago I went to Italy to meet the people whom I know when I was fundraising in1990. Mr. Giovanni invited me to speak with the people of his church. They were Catholics, so they believed so much in the importance of the Saints and they live trying to follow their examples and the largest example was left by Jesus. When I will start the talking, I started asking them: "when they go to heaven, what they would do when they meet Saint Francis, Saint Paul, others saints and even Jesus. Would they simply stay there, listening for hours and hours they talking about their stories? And when they stop talking about their lives and ask us about our stories what we will talk about? If we do not build our own history with God following the great examples we can feel bad even in paradise."

Building our own foundation in each level we go through is truly follow True Parents and help them in the construction of Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. I always had the concern to pass to spiritual children the importance of build our own foundation for the day when we meet True Parents we not just listen to them and being in the situation of feeling bad in their presence.

There is the story telling that Moses who during a long time does not appear to meet Pharaoh. So Pharaoh goes to find Moses to blame him for his absence. When Pharaoh found Moses, Moses leads Pharaoh to show the real motive of his absence. Moses was building a city to give joy to the Pharaoh's heart. We should build on each level for the day we could give joy to the hearts of God, True Parents and our ancestors.

Father says clearly in his words that we should be his extension, since with his grace we will be free of original sin through the Blessing. Be the extension of True Parents and go through all levels, servant of servant, servant, adopted son, true son. A true son wants to rejoice the Father. A true son wants the Father res and desire to give pride to the Father.

Focused on this thought and with the education of True Parents, we were building our family, for the day we will become on the Level of Tribe, Society, Nation, World and Cosmo. After passing through the individual course to the level of Family, we should be the substantial desire of God lost by Adam and Eve.

Adam and Eve destroyed the ideal of God because they didn't know how to give the right direction to the three archangels. The Blessed Family will restore the ideal of God through the teachings of True Parents and having at least three spiritual children and directing them to come together to live the ideal of God on earth. Spend some a time in our family with the foundation we have built.

As I had mentioned at the beginning in order to be able take care of that Italian family I needed to mature. In this period of time in Japan having the physical and spiritual children the maturity came. And then I went back to Italy to help them. And today we are very close with great and same hope that others come to be part of our life with God, True Parents and destined for eternity.

Our family grew and was strengthened with the individual course of each member of the family. Today we can be more present with the spiritual children in Italy and increase our hope in Brazil and transform this hope in substantial joys in God's heart.

The good relationship with the physical parents of each spiritual child is very important because they can see the growth of their children and the building of a story that they are part too. My relationship with the physical parents of each spiritual child is becoming ever closer through the time and I see in each one of them the expansion of our spiritual family and the foundation of our tribe in a natural way.

May God enlighten us increasingly through the teachings of True Parents in the way of public life.

In my name, Claudinei Germano dos Santos dos Santos Blessed Central Family (Claudinei Germano dos Santos, Satomi Miyashita Familia Germanni) 

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