The Words of the Dale Family

Reflections on the Eighth 120-Day International Leadership Training Program

Susan Dale
June 1985

Lecture practice outside the main building in early spring.

The theme of the most recent 120-Day Training Program, held from January to April 1985, was "Inheritance of True Parents' Heart:" Under the umbrella of this theme, each brother and sister decided on personal goals and areas to be developed during the training.

The 63 trainees came from 23 nationalities and 33 mission countries_ Most of the missionaries who attended the training had been in the field for ten years. We all felt that Heaven wanted to give a special thanks to these missionaries on the eve of the tenth anniversary of the foreign missions. Much of the success and enjoyment of the training was due to the missionaries' great sincerity, maturity, and sense of cooperation and trust

For the first time since this cycle of 120-day seminars was initiated in 1981, Rev. and Mrs. Hose and the staff members made great efforts to find a more suitable location for the seminar than the World Mission Center, finally discovering the Olympic Ranch and Ski Resort in the Catskill Mountains. As Rev. Hose put it, "Although the World Mission Center is truly the home of the world missions, for training it is an extremely difficult place to focus." In the peaceful environment of the Olympic Ranch, members could meditate, balance the intense "mental" activities with recreation, and develop friendships that may well last a lifetime. We slept in trailer homes and ate communal meals around large round tables, which engendered a feeling of closeness and hominess. The owners of the facility, our hosts, were very warm and friendly and they came to feel like part of our own family. On the day of our departure we were so touched as they stood with us for over an hour while we loaded up our belongings.

A Spirit of Seriousness

The beautiful location was not the only thing that made this 120-day training unique. Just prior to the course, Rev. Hose became responsible for ICUSA and was consequently pulled away from the training for most of the time, with Mrs. Hose assuming the post of director of the session. She took on that role with the same spirit of responsibility and care that True Mother has shown since Father went to Danbury. That the program took place during Father's incarceration also brought to this session more of a spirit of seriousness and determination.

On January 6 the program began on a very sobering note -- a three-day CAUSA seminar presented by Dr. Bo Hi Pak. The professionalism and polish of the seminar were deeply inspiring for all of us.

Three cycles of the Principle were covered in the training: the first taught by Mr. George Glass, special assistant to Rev. Kwak; the second by Christopher Olson, regional director of South America. The third cycle was taught by the trainees themselves. Much more time than ever before was devoted to lecture practice, and the trainees learned that giving lectures was often as instructive as listening, and even more energizing!

The training also included four days each of VOC and Unification, Thought taught by Mr. Keisuke Noda, and three days on world religions given by Dr. Young Oon Kim and her assistant, Rev. Royal Davis. This latter portion gave trainees the opportunity to ask questions about the best way to approach our fellow Christians and ministers.

Precious Hours of Guidance

Every morning a trainee had a turn at giving the sermon at morning service, which was followed by either a reflection hour, or, three times a week, a special "director's hour." During director's hour we listened often to Rev. Kwak's deep internal guidance on videotape, and Rev. and Mrs. Hose also gave precious advice on leadership, centering on such themes as our responsibility in the children's era, how to improve prayer life, the importance of attendance, and the meaning of tang gam.

In several profoundly instructive mini-seminars, Mrs. Nora Spurgin reflected on her studies and experiences in counseling; Farley and Betsy Jones gave their testimonies and insights on the Blessing; and Dr. Mose Durst, Dr. Hugh Spurgin, and Dr. Jin Soo Kyung imparted the wisdom they have gained through years of experience as leaders in the movement. We were grateful to have Rev. Kwak visit us several times during our four months to share his wisdom and direction.

These mini-seminars, the morning sermons, and the director's hour talks were so full of stimulating and practical material that the trainees felt the need for hours of reflection and discussion afterwards. One missionary commented, "For me, these talks were the most important area of the entire workshop.... I feel it's the best guidance I've received in my church life."

Preparing Our Hearts for Father

We staff members were struck by the definite changes in the quality of this training, and we realized how much all of us stand on the benefit of the age. This is the second training since our True Parents proclaimed the Day of the Love of God on May 16, 1984. On that day Father said, "This is the turning point upon which original love will begin to govern the world, which has always been governed by satanic love. I have already set the condition, so there is no possibility for Satan to invade or accuse this victory.... Before this turning point, all the hard work you did was to pay off historical debts. But from today forward, every drop of sweat and blood, and all your hard work will add to our tower of victory." As we saw the power of True Parents' love working through our directors and living in the relationships between brothers and sisters, we realized how much this is due to the True Parents and Heung Jin Nim's foundation of love.

Making Father's present situation and its significance very real to us, Mr. Takeru Kamiyama gave his testimony about Danbury. Rev Chang Seong Ahn also spoke of the historical background behind Father's incarceration, and the lessons to be learned both from Joseph's course and from Father's previous sufferings in prison. On the morning after we attended Father's Parents' Day speech, as we approached the last week of the course, Mrs. Hose reminded us to reflect on our present condition of heart in preparing for Father's release:

What can I offer Father when he comes out? Have I faced reality and come to terms with my limitations? He'll be on a different level, and he'll invite us to a different level too. Satan is a master of justification, but Father faces temptation and overcomes it. If we don't face ourselves, our own personal limitations will come to us very strongly one day. Probably we'll find something we feel we cannot go through. Please bear it and face it with God. Be prepared: it's the last period of the wilderness. Can we take initiative to face and clean up all vestiges of our old life? Can we really go to Canaan with Father?

One missionary summed up what the 120-day training had meant to him in this way:

As I had several opportunities to hear the testimony about True Father in Danbury just before my coming to this 120-day training, I could clearly make my determination: "The training is my Danbury." I felt so free in heart during the training since I determined to accept everything without complaint, like Father in Danbury. As the program developed, my understanding of the course of the True Parents became clear to me. And this made my own course clear. My understanding of the Principle had been so theoretical -- it was just knowledge -- but during this period my knowledge of the Principle came into every inch of my life activity. I had known the Principle word for word, but I realized I was fighting with Satan blindly without using Principle in my life. My eyes are now slowly opening towards the Principle as the Principle of heart and love, and the Principle of tears. Even though I may stumble many times, I really want to follow True Parents. I am realizing that the way of True Parents is my way. 

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