The Words of the Currie Family

Walking 1000 Miles on Faith Alone

Arthur Gardiner
June 9 2009

On the first of May 2009, Paul Currie set out to walk the length and breadth of the UK from near Thurso to Southampton via Ireland, around 1000 miles. His intention was to raise funds and awareness to establish an Interfaith Youth Hostel. He took no money with him and no support. After 40 days he reached the sea at Christchurch.

Apart from a sleeping bag and a copy of World Scriptures, Paul relied on the kindness of the British people and his trust in God to keep him going in this endeavor.

Paul said, “Through showing respect, we gain understanding, through understanding, we gain friendship, and friendship changes everything.”

“After living in Edinburgh for a number of years and being interested in interfaith matters, I see that what we are lacking here in Scotland is a place where young people can meet together and discuss their faiths in the quietness of the countryside.”

“Everyone has their own retreat. I can visit the Catholic, Moslem, Protestant, Jewish, Hindu retreats. But where can we all meet and discuss and share in a neutral setting with no barriers, no boundaries only mutual respect?”

The UPF are partnering the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) for this project. 

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