The Words of the Chung Family

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Many Trials of a Faithful Daughter (Dae Wha Chung (Wife of Young Whi Kim) - February 1986)

Seung Do Kim, the Holy Lord Church and My Life as a 36 Couple (Su Won Chung - April 1986)

True Parents Wedding -- The Marriage Of The Lamb (Dae-hwa Chung (The wife of Young-whi Kim) - October 2010)

Rev. Jin Hwa Chung’s visit to the Czech Republic (Petr Masner - October 21, 2012 pdf)

Report on Mr. Jin Hwa Chung to Tirana Albania (October 22 - 23, 2012 pdf)

Su Won Chung Has Ascended (Jin Hwan Chung and Yong Cheon Song - April 17, 2013)

Go and Light a Fire in Africa - The Chung Pyung Experience in Cote d'Ivoire (Jin-hwa Chung - November 2017 pdf)

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