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65th Blessed Wives 40-day Chung Pyung Workshop (Testimony): New Direction

Li Sa Cheah
January 13, 2011

New Direction

During this Chung Pyung 40-day Workshop, I received a lot of grace. Before I came to Chung Pyung I was facing difficulty with my life of faith. I was lost for my way in the frontline missions.

But during this 40-day workshop, God answered most of my prayers. I received a lot of love from God and True Parents and found my root of faith here in Chung Pyung. God had shown me that He is always with me no matter where I am and what I do and that He had always guided me. I just didn't realize this until now. As days progressed I gained more strength to march forward in my frontline mission. I decided to keep my public mission until at least 2013.

Once I return to Malaysia I will keep my connection to Chung Pyung at church. I have strong determination to learn Korean and I hope that by the time of the next visit to Chung Pyung I will be able to speak and listen to Korean. It's really important to start this from me but not by other people. I will always support my church leader and God so that there will be more number of student members. I will try and keep the tradition of True Parents in my daily life and apply Father's words in my life as well.

Li Sa Cheah, 21 years old, 400 million Couple, Johor church, Malaysia 

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