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Activity report and thanking the Western Visayas members

Angelito Cainday
February 24, 2012

Good Day to all Western Visayas Family!

First of all, i would like to say thank you to all the support that you shared to our region, This is a big contribution that make our activity successful. see attach files


Angelito (Sung Hwan) Cainday
Regional Leader, UM Western Visayas

Narrative report:

February 20, 2012 report slide show

February 21, 2012 report slide show

UPF Peace Conference, Held at Westown Hotel, Iloilo City

The Universal Peace Federation, Western Visayas Chapter held its first Peace Leadership Conference in the City of Iloilo for this year last February 20-21,2012 at the Westown Hotel. The said 2-day conference was attended by a total of 150 participants (1st day: 70; 2nd day: 80) which was composed mainly barangay chairmans in Iloilo City (1st day: 57; 2nd day: 35). Other participants were Sanguniang Kabataan Chairmans, Barrangay Councilors and Secretaries. Five VIP's also attended the seminar. They were Iloilo City Vice mayor, Jose S. Espinosa III, Iloilo City Councilor, Nielex Tupas (Ambassador for Peace), Iloilo City Liga ng mga Barangay, Roberto Divinagracia, Iloilo Sk Federation President, Sheen Marie Mabilog and representative from the office of City Mayor, Ret. Col. Norlito Bautista, City Administrator. The activity was spearheaded by Hon. Nielex Tupas and Hon. Marilyn Payunan which is Ambassador for Peace of UPF under the supervision of Iloilo UPF coordinator Mrs. Rosela Cadile and Western Visayas UPF director, Mr. Angelito B. Cainday.

The activities in the conference included the distribution of Rev. Moon's Autobiography, a toast for peace the main part of the conference the lecture, was delivered by Engr. Celetino Jose Navalta Jr, the president of UPF Philippines. After the conference, the Sk President invited us to present the lecture to the 180 SK Chairman and the Barangay Captains also open their barangays for the UPF activities and they want also to present the lecture to their constituents. The theme of the conference was "The Need for Vision and Leadership at a time of Global Crisis: One family Under God" and was hosted by the Hon. Marilyn Payunan (Ambassador for Peace).

The purpose of the conference is to educate the entire barangay chairman's of the City of Iloilo and to serve as a stepping stone for the Federation in spreading the Principles of Peace in the City. 

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