The Words of the Cainday Family

UPF Seminar in Negros Occedental and Bacolod City

Angelito Cainday
October 17, 2011

Good Day to all!

To all brothers and sisters who gave their support morally, spiritually, financially and Prayer thank you very much.

This time we are here in Negros occidental and Bacolod City to Organize UPF Conferences. From October 22-29, 2011, we will conduct the series of UPF seminars in Pabrika Sagay City (70 participants), Cadiz (70 participants), Escalante (70 Participants), Victorias City (70 participants), Talisay City (70 Participants), Aguisan, Himamaylan (70 participants) and Main Event is October 29 in Grand Regal Hotel, 1:00-5:00 PM, (150 expected Participants). Under the new Leadership in Bacolod Center, Carlo NIño Bartolo.

In this connection we humbly ask the support of our Elders, brothers and sisters from Negros Occidental and Bacolod City to make this event successful. This is our initial activity to make Bacolod Providence active in Supporting National Providence.

Contact person: Carlo Niño Bartolo-Bacolod Center Leader

Sung Hwan (Angelito) Cainday -- Region 6, Regional Leader

Thank you very much and God Bless!

Sung Hwan (Angelito) Cainday
Regional Leader
UM-Western Visayas, Philippines 

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