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Reports on 5-Day ODP seminar-Iloilo

Angelito Cainday
May 25, 2011

Good Day to All!

A total of 70 participants (37 brothers and 33 sisters) joined the recently concluded "5-Day Original Divine Principle Seminar" held last may 19-23, 2011 at the March Miyata Magcanam Training Center, Cabatuan, Iloilo.

"It was successful", said Angelito Cainday, the Regional Director for Western Visayas.

The expected number of participants is 60-70 persons including the core members and the tribe of the family members. Four (4) "second generations", also, attended the said event where Kuya Joseph Navalta was the official lecturer.

Here are the reflections of some of the participants after the 5-day seminar:

"…a way to restore ourselves. So, you should feel happy to do the indemnity. God have done anyways to lay the foundation of faith and substance. He has been grieving all these times because human beings could not fulfill their portion of responsibility…"
Joan Miyo Garbanzos,
Second Generation, Bacolod City

"… I feel happy that I have served the Messiah and I can inherit the true love and true lineage of God, and produced Blessed Children. I must be responsible in fulfilling my portion of responsibility in god's providence…"
Rosela Cadile,
Central Blessed Family

"… even how much I pray, even how often, yet, I seldom feel God's heart. This seminar helps me renew my spirit. Yes, self control will always be strength…"
Mark Eroll de la Cruz,
Student, WVSU

"… I realized that if you really want to reach your goal, put your heart on it, work hard to achieve it … and don't forget to include God in your plans…"
Jun Sun Magcanam,
Second Generation, Iloilo

"… the new expression of truth was revealed to us by the messiah in order for us to be saved by fulfilling our portion of responsibility. It's the purpose of our existence here on earth…"
Riza Hangor

"…Man is made of both spiritual and physical being. When we die, it is only the physical body that dies but the spiritual aspects lives eternally. Therefore, when we care for our physical bodies, we must also struggle to improve our spiritual responsibility…"
Prof. Domingo A. Allanic,
Capiz State University

The theme for the 5-Day ODP Seminar was "Proclaiming the Completion of the Liberated Realm of Portion of responsibility in God's Providential History".

Series of ODP Seminars are being conducted all throughout the world as directed by True Parents.

And Some of the Participants received Blessing from Heaven, Kuya Jun Jun Arillo Brother of Ate Marivic received call from his company after the holy wine ceremony that he can now back to his work. And Our 4 Fulltime incoming Freshmen College Students who are in the waiting list was accepted by the university they can now enroll.

Thanks to all Elders and members who extend their support to our Region.

Mansei to Heavenly Father and True Parents! 

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