The Words of the Cainday Family

Report from Western Visayas Region

Angelito Cainday
February 10, 2011

Good Day to all Western Visayas Members!

Last September 2010, Iloilo Providence once again open the New Center. We the full time staff do our best to do our mission to raise missionary. As of February, we have 20 full time, 4 was send to Asia Leadership Peace Academy (ALPA) to undergo training for 120 days and the 12 is undergoing 1yr Heart Challenge Activity.

All our activities can be seen in the website of Visayas Cluster, and this coming Summer from April to May, our Region will Conduct many seminar and workshop. April 2-11, 2011 (10 Day Team Leadership Seminar),4 times 7 days Divine Principle, 7 day Won Wha Tong Il Moo do Training for the beginners and promotion for the old. Second Gen Summer workshop, Original Divine Principle Seminar (Tentative), this is our way that our region will contribute to Gods Providence.

And I know I don't give any reports regarding to our region most of the times, and that's my failure towards my Elder and brothers and sisters. But this year we will do our best to send reports all of you, because, I already raise fulltime to handle this. Thanks to All kuya and ate brothers and sister who supported us to revive our Region once again.

In this connection, we are asking to all brothers and sisters to extend support for the renovation of our Cabatuan Training Center (March Miyata Magcanam Training Center). This place is the base of raising more missionary for our region and nation. I hope you can extend support.

Thanks and God Bless to all Brothers and sisters

Angelito B. Cainday
Regional Leader
Western Visayas-Iloilo 

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