The Words of the Boysen Family

1000th Chung Pyung Special Workshop: Thank you Dae Mo Nim

Tiara Saito Boysen
May 27, 2010

Dear, Heung Jin Nim, Dae Mo Nim

10 members from Norway had participated in this year's Purification Azalea Festival.

The National Leader is a person with great faith and already has participated the Purification Azalea Festival for a few times. I really feel the sincere devotion offered by his wife in the background. When I asked him to attend this year he was still unsure due to his very busy schedule.

However, a month before the Azalea Festival I had a dream of our National Leader. Many spirits came out of his body and attacked me. I wasn't sure if I should tell him about my dream but I reported to him. Although he was busy and worried about the flight ticket he decided to go and invite other brothers who were still undecided.

Two weeks before the departure the volcano in Iceland exploded and most flights in Europe were canceled. However it was still possible for us to come to Chung Pyung even in such difficult situation.

I offer my boundless gratitude to Heung Jin Nim, Dae Mo Nim and the staff at Chung Pyung to make us meet with True Parents and attend the 5th Purification Azalea Festival and the 1000th Chung Pyung Special Workshop.

Starting with the National Leader, all 10 members from Norway received abundant grace and at the service after the return from Chung Pyung, our National Leader was able to testify Chung Pyung Works from the providential point of view to the brothers and sisters of our church. I truly believe that we have just started our journey.

I always have a heart of gratitude, respect that cannot be expressed in words to Dae Mo Nim. When I was forgiven to enter Dae Mo Nim's Prayer Room for the first time I was able to spiritually see Dae Mo Nim's (Hoon Mo Nim) knee in blood. She was continuously giving bows for us. How painful it must be for her to remove evil spirits from our body. When you try to do this to other people your fingers experience great pain. Just participating in the Holy Song Session makes me feel like that. But Hoon Mo Nim has done this over the past 15 years.

Dae Mo Nim (Hoon Mo Nim) who offered sincere devotion so that we could connect our heart to the True Family.

True Parents who gave the forgiveness to expunge our ancestors' records of past sins through the participation of the Prayer-Wish Purification Ceremony for Restoration.

I felt that the meaning of Ancestor Blessing Ceremony is fully completed after the descendants participate the Purification Azalea Festival. Through the Fulfillment of Wishes Papers my eldest daughter was able to be matched to an Ideal person by True Parents' matching. We also were able to meet his parents during the Azalea Festival. I was able to meet with my dearest people during the greatest time.

The witnessing is gradually coming to fruition. We are enthusiastic to participate in next year's Purification Azalea Festival.

Norway, 6,000 Blessed Couples,
Tiara Saito Boysen 

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