The Words of the Bobe Family

Raising up the future president of Republic of Cameroon

Valentin Tching-Bobe
October 20, 2011

The other Monday, 10th of October 2011, I went home early as we didn't have delivery that day. I was preparing dinner and at the same time doing our laundry. As Noreen, our second child, likes playing with water she volunteered to help me run the washing machine. I gladly accepted the offer. When I finished cooking, Noreen also finished the laundry. So while waiting for Val, my husband, to come home and have our dinner, we hanged the clothes.

While hanging the clothes Noreen popped up a question "You know, mama, there is something that has been bothering me. I always wanted to become the president of Cameroon, but I also want to go to the moon. And I also want to become a doctor. Will that be possible?"

My initial reaction was to discourage her from entering politics the way my father did to us as politics is dirty but to my surprise I replied "Why not".

Then she continued asking "but how?"

I told her that "You see, if you want to become a president of any country or any association or organization, it's best to be educated. Finish your studies. Go for the highest possible level of education. Finish your doctorate. You can be a doctor in any field you will choose, doctor of medicine or any other field like becoming a dentist or doctor of eyes and others. You can be also doctor of education or law or politics. So you see, you can become a doctor and president at the same time already. Just pray that by the time you will run as president of Cameroon, Cameroon culture is already ready to receive a female president. Now, as for you want to go to the moon, I can only see two possibilities for you to go to the moon as of this moment. First, you have to excel in your academics. There are institutions or organizations which are sending people to the moon, like NASA. They already sent teachers, engineers. So to qualify for that, you should have good records in your academics. Second possibility, if you are super rich, because, what I heard is that, there are people who are going to the outer space this time but they pay much money for their air fare. Hopefully by then the rates are already cheaper and you can already go to the moon."

While I was talking Noreen was listening attentively. I wonder if she was getting all what I was saying. But at the end, she just replied "ah, I see. OK"….

When we were having our closing prayer that night I shared our conversation to the family. The two sisters burst into laughter. But the father scolded the two. He shared to the children that when Noreen was still on mama's womb, papa had been telling her that papa's dream is for her to become a scientist and that she should go to the moon. He further encouraged Noreen to pursue her dream; who knows maybe she will be the first female president of Cameroon. True Parents have been encouraging us, blessed central families, to enter politics and restore it. Val also explained that "it would have been much easier in the Philippines because of its culture. Besides, it's a matriarchal country. You just have to get what is good in mama's culture mixed with what is good in papa's culture. Mix it well just like the way mama mixes her cake then you will see, something good is going to come up, like mama's cake. It's so delicious." (From there I got lost, but the children burst into laughter).

But Val continued "but sorry for you right now, mama cannot bake you birthday cake next week. You destroyed her oven. You've been climbing on the shelves like monkey and spider man, so the things on the shelves fell on mama's oven; the oven got broken "..

I stopped Val, saying "Papa, Noreen was just practicing how to balance on the air as there is no gravity on the moon"… We all laughed…..

Before sleeping that night, Val told me that, "You know, Mrs. Tching-Bobe, you've got a lot of work to do to raise up the future president of the Republic of Cameroon"…

Today, October 20, is Noreen's 9th birthday....

Happy Birthday Noreen!

Mama loves you so much!... 

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