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Development Café

Réa Bateman
July 19, 2012

On Sunday 8th July I organized a group conversation with 16 people, on the topic of Unification Movement Music Ministry development, it took place in our London Head Quarters Café. I wanted to create this conversation to gather the opinions of different members of our community with varying levels of involvement in Music Ministry, I wanted to find out what people thought this Ministry should be, in order to help its Development.

To get the most out of this gathering I decided to use the World Café method, which is a unique way to enhance a groups capacity to talk and think more deeply together, it enables the group to access its collective mutual intelligence and wisdom, to develop, grow and solve problems. Everyone sat at a table with 3 other people and discussed the question – In your opinion what would a model Music Ministry do? After people gradually began to understand and apply the World Café etiquette and guidelines they started linking each other's ideas and building an overall picture of what our Music Ministry should be doing.

I think the findings are quite valuable for anyone working in this Ministry, but it's also great for anyone who is just interested in this area or wants to add to the overall picture. Please feel free to take a look at the notes people took on their Café table clothes as well as our final wall of insight, and please add your comments, questions or additions to the conversation in the comments section.

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