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Réa Monn
October 30, 2010

Last weekend we had our 9th Live Lounge event. Despite the fact that there was a good turn out, it could've been better advertised. This time we worked a lot more on the organization, and we felt that was quite evident in how it all went. People seemed to really like this live lounge, some even saying that it has been the best one so far! We had performers from all over: The Bailies, from Scotland, Brooke, an amazing up and coming solo artist from Malta, and even had a song in Hebrew from a wonderful Middle Eastern performer!

'One of the best live lounges I've been to. thank you' -- Yoshi Hayashi

'Live lounge setting was so pretty and atmospheric, lots of great talent on tonight!' -- Betty Moloney

Of course, there were still many things that didn't work so well, or last minute things that we forgot about, and as the organizers -- we were able to pin point them out very easily. It was a big improvement from the last live lounge however, and we're pretty excited to see another big step forward in our upcoming events: 'Still ALive Lounge' on the 26th November and our Christmas Live Lounge X happening on December 17th. Make sure to keep those evenings free, otherwise you'll be missing out!

Some of you may remember our first Music Ministry presentation back in May. As we were just starting out, we had many plans and ideas, one of which was for a new office to work in, as well as having the studio up and running. 5 months down the line IT'S HAPPENING! The builders have been in for almost two week now, fixing in a new roof, and tanking the walls, even working through the rain! It might be a few more weeks until it's finished, but then the decorating and designing will commence. 

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