The Words of the Monn Family

Live Lounge IX

Rea Monn
October 19, 2010

Music Ministry Presents:
Live Lounge IX

We hope you all had an amazing Summer, and what better way to start the new academic year, than with another Live Lounge event. It has proven to be a success every time, allowing people the chance to perform, or enjoy the performances, and all with a cup of tea in your hands! Originality at it's best, with musicians bringing a different flavor to the table.

To miss this would be to miss out! So make sure you pencil this into your diaries, and don't forget to invite your friends and family along.

Performers attend for free, but you must let us know before the day itself. Otherwise there is a suggested donation of: £3.50

Hot drinks are on the house, with a range of tasty snacks and refreshments for sale in the reception room.

If you would like to perform, please get in touch with Kathleen or Réamonn at:

Time: Friday 22nd October · 19:00 -- 22:30

Location: 43 Lancaster Gate, London W2 3NA

Suggested Donation: £3.50 (all proceeds go towards Music Ministry) 

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