The Words of the Monn Family

Serve, Grow, Share

Réa Monn
October 11, 2010

In our opinion the Music Ministry Launch was a great success, in that people generally had a good time and could be inspired by the progression in this area; as well as that we feel we were able to represent our vision clearly and concisely.

For everyone that wasn't able to attend: Music Ministry is a service, with the aim to inspire and empower the community.

Music Ministry is designed to enhance our Sunday worship by creating the right atmosphere that can inspire people and prepare them for the message. As well as this it gives them confidence in their faith, empowering them to share it with others.

It began more unofficially earlier this year with a basic music setup for Sunday service. We agreed that there's a huge need for development in this area. So Simon proposed that we start up a Music Ministry, and we began planning possibilities, working towards a system, a structure and a purpose to drive it all.

Our main goals are to serve our community, each other and God; through doing so we hope to help people grow in faith and help people improve their potential as musicians, which will inspire and empower them to share their faith with others.

The band and choir now meet regularly every week to practice and perform at Sunday service as well as other national events. We're also working on developing and improving our music repertoire, researching and finding new material. We're working on a new songbook, with fresh new arrangements for our congregation.

The studio is available for band practice, and recording. This is one area which we are currently in the process of advertising, hoping that the Studio can generate an income for Music Ministry.

"It was a great opportunity to understand the vision of Music Ministry and be uplifted by musical talents and be inspired. On the evening, I was thinking, 'If this is the beginning, then the future is bright.' " -- Veronica Mould

So I'm sure most of you went to see the Little Angels perform at Sadler's Wells on the Saturday. An after party was organized for them in Lancaster Gate the following day, as it was their last day before flying to Greece. The band had been asked to prepare 2 songs to perform as part of the entertainment, but of course everyone wanted more music! Bernard and the band were ready to perform anything from the Beatles, to songs we'd done that day for service, and songs that we performed for the Launch, one of them including, 'Valerie,' which the Little Angels got up and danced to. There was a wonderful energy in the room, and in the end everyone really had fun, which was the aim! 

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