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Faith in Music

Rea Monn
September 24, 2010

As you all know, we recently had the pleasure of having Hyung Jin Nim over in London last month. The band and choir had been working hard to put something together for the event in the Old Chelsea Town Hall, and although we enjoyed ourselves, and we got a lot of positive feedback, there was some things that were unavoidable, like the sound that was created because of the space within the hall, therefore the sound not being tight enough, as well as the drums being quite overpowering, and voices not being heard etc. But, as well as providing a service, we are here to learn and improve! Every experience is a lesson learned. You can find us on ustream, if you can't make it to either one of 2 services on Sunday every week at our headquarters in Lancaster Gate.

We are gradually updating our repertoire, bringing the old orange songs back, and re-arranging the ones that are overplayed. We are also, always on the look out for new material that brings a feel good atmosphere, with uplifting lyrics, as well as something that's not too hard for everyone to learn or join in with. We try to choose some particular songs that have relevance to the sermon, and since Simon has been talking about faith the past 3 weeks we started to run out of ideas. After a quick search on YouTube we came across one of Katy Perry's less popular song's 'Faith Won't Fail' and we felt that it was quite fitting and decided to give it a go last week. This week we're trying another new one by a group called Kutless, called, 'What Faith Can Do.' Any other regions interested in trying out any of these songs as well, can request the music from us by emailing us. 

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