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ARTiculate -- Arts workshop

Jonathan Bateman
September 1, 2010

Being a self styled 'un arty' person, I probably would never have signed up for the arts workshop, however having been asked to be the MC I now had a reason to go. I was not disappointed.

With five groups, media, art, music, drama and dance, there really is something for everyone. The main bulk of the day was dedicated to group work and being able to freely create together with fellow participants made the perfect environment to produce truly fantastic work. Which, by the end of the workshop, would be presented to each other and a local old peoples' home.

There are many things that could be said but I think the really inspirational part of the workshop was the visit to the old peoples' home. The power that we have to be able to move peoples hearts, especially those that are more vulnerable, is truly amazing.

While introducing the various acts for the residents I noticed the joy on their faces, even to the extent that one lady was moved to tears. We later found out that they had been asking at Easter time where the children were, as the last arts workshop was held at Easter. This was really amazing for the staff as this particular home caters for people with Alzheimer's who can struggle to remember what happened last week.

Love really does break all boundaries. 

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