The Words of the Bateman Family

UK Summer HARP workshop 2010

Jonathan Bateman
September 1, 2010

The motto for this summer's workshop was Indivisual -- Expressing True Parents' Style. The idea being that we are individuals and how we need to show and express that, through the way we live our lives, using True Parents as our example.

With Cleeve House packed to its maximum it was a tight squeeze but we all managed to fit in more or less; excitement was high and I think people expected a lot from this year's summer workshop.

The content that really seemed to stand out for everyone was the emphasis on purity and being able to connect to True Parents in a real and substantial way, with great testimonies from Carlo Zaccarelli and lectures from Kenta Barrett.

This foundation allowed for many people on the workshop to have a very deep and meaningful experience, especially when it came to the prayer night.

Not everyone however learns well from lectures so there were many sports and team building activities for a more physical learning experience. Learning to work well as part of a team and understanding the different individuals within that team, this is a very important lesson and should definitely help them all in later life.

Everyone, of course, had different experiences and so I recommend, if your child attended the workshop, to glean a first hand view from them. 

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