The Words of the Bateman Family

April "Spring" Weekend Workshop

Jeff Bateman
April 9, 2010

Spring was the word as we met at Livingstone house for the April Weekend Workshop from 2nd to the 4th of April.

There were those coming for the first time, those coming for renewal and some coming just to hear the unique way in which William Haines teaches the Principle. I love the way he brings things to life by including stories form the Talmud and Koran as well as the Bible.

We were such a wide age group from about 20 - 75 years of age. with 2 or 3 hearing principle for the first time and a few for the second time about 17 of us in all. It was great to see old faces and new and be refreshed not just through the word but through sharing the time together with each other and with God.

It is inspiring to see people who are hearing things for the first time and to experience it afresh yourself through sharing the experience with them.

Next month's Weekend Workshop will be from Friday the 7th until Sunday the 9th May. I really hope I can bring somebody along with me for that one. 

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