The Words of the d'Silva Family

God Win, Godwin!!

Bento Leal
March 10, 2007

When I think of God
And all the troubles
He's been in,
I just want to tell Him,
"Win, God, Win!"

Though there's still much darkness
Throughout the land,
And He wonders about His Heavenly Plan
I just have to shout out,
"Win, God, Win!"

And when He looks
Down from on high,
And wonders if there's anyone,
On whom He can rely,
I simply point to the man
Who’ll make Him grin,
And say,
"There he is, Lord,
Godwin, Godwin!"

With such a son,
To dry His tears,
And quench His thirst,
And allay His fears,
A smile breaks
Upon His face
And gives Him hope
About this place.

"Yes, you're right,"
He says with a grin,
"I have my dear son,
Godwin, Godwin!"

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