The Words of the Yasutake Family

Simplified Pledge

Timothy Yasutake
August 2001

Gertrud Yasutake

Our 17 year-old son came up with a simplified version of the pledge. The word "uplift" may mean different things to different people. He explained to me that in the science fiction literature of one author uplift means to move up to a higher level of human evolution of spirit and being.

Simplified Family Pledge

by Timothy Yasutake

1. Our family pledges to restore the original purpose of mankind (uplift through redemption)

2. We pledge to serve our True Parents and fulfill our duty as God's children (uplift through fulfillment of responsibility)

3. We pledge to perfect all types of love (uplift through love)

4. We pledge to create the perfect (Godly) world (uplift through effort/building)

5. We pledge to unify the spiritual and physical worlds (uplift through mind/spirit/body)

6. We pledge to become the true family, and uplift our community (and eventually the world) (uplift through example)

7. We pledge to perfect a heart-centered world (uplift through compassion)

8. We pledge to practice absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience (uplift through dedication)

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